All what you need to know about food: tasty or not tasty right now. And it's not as easy as it seems. If "delicious" at the very least like something you can understand, then the "do not eat" few people even pay attention.

But "not tasty" - it's about disgust. To be in contact with the disgust - the most important knowledge that saves from death and poison, physical and mental. Not aware of your aversion, to suppress it, to hesitate means to keep yourself protected, to allow yourself to trample on each counter-cross, to open themselves to false and destructive, to put in extra including weight.

Although, to be honest, the phrase "overweight" also disgusts me. It is hurtful and humiliating. Because not given us anything extra. Nothing. And if you think your extra weight, then you a lot about yourself don't know. It is so cruel to try to get rid of parts of yourself, to throw away, erase, wipe out. It is against nature and the law of self-preservation - to fight each other in the face of "extra" pounds. The body is protected as best he can. It is silent eloquence. And somewhere inside every woman is sitting a little fragile girl-baby. Which can be right now, very scary. Scary, sad and lonely. Weight - a way to protect her, to wrap, to hide. Again to not hurt, not hurt, dumped, betrayed... And somewhere in the folds of the body, hid not wept tears, not of past grief, not expressed resentment... It doesn't get cut off and thrown away. It's your life, your story, your soul.

What to do with all this? I only know one path - the path to himself. To get this all lying within years and decades, and to live. To mourn the loss and learn to protect their territory. To take his and spit out someone else. What you feed in life without your desire and consent. Puke with disgust and pleasure this stranger. Learning to pick up tasty and delicious abandon.

Following all, even the best and most useful, the power supply system sweeps a path to yourself. We begin to follow the rules and worse to hear themselves. And life, it is harder for any system. Everyone sometimes want to eat something nasty. And that's fine. Often, the poison in small doses can cure.

the Idea that food can be separated from the emotions, is doomed to failure. Because the mother's breast is all the emotions at once. Our life begins with bundles of food emotions. Even if you realize your diet 24 hours a day - it will not save from the desire to eat candy when sad. And we can't be sad on a schedule, once a week. It's hell - there's cake, and instead of pleasure to receive a portion of shame and guilt! None of us deserves.

I feel lonely soldier in the field. There are so many schools and systems of weight loss, PP, Soja and other guarantees of harmony, health and longevity... And I can't guarantee anything. Because life is not predictable, and health depends not only on food, happiness is not weight.

the Dependency will still be, because it is not a curse, not a punishment, not a disease, but a part of human nature. And I believe that we can decide how to unfold the dependence in our lives. But only when we start more or less navigate my own feelings. Then, for example, there is a choice: to remain silent and to remain comfortable or to go into conflict, to keep the face or to cry, not to show your fear, or be afraid of openly... it's both important and necessary in different situations with different people. And if it so happens that we often have to keep their feelings to carry the pain, the body always comes to the rescue.

We may hate it, but it never betrays. But of the last forces fighting for our souls, for our the soft, vulnerable insides. I don't want to torture and rape themselves. So in my life there is no place for diets and food systems. A healthy lifestyle is great, but not always I'm ready for it.

I want to treat my body with gratitude and love. Love does not mean debauchery and permissiveness. Love is not only caring and respect. But the ability to keep boundaries, discipline and culture including. And it is very difficult to not act out of violence but out of love, yet peace and harmony with them. Yet our own inner child remains an outcast prisoner.

I try very hard to avoid in their texts tips and advice, and because I write mainly about yourself, based on our own experience. But now I want to break this rule and say: girls, cute, nice! It is not so important what number the scales show. Embrace yourself and rock on the handles. Each of us deserves that, and nobody will do it except ourselves. And give yourself permission to just live. Yes, in this imperfect body that we have now. In the body, which tells about you, about your story, about your pain louder than words. Don't reject and don't turn away. And it will reciprocate.

Anna Szyszkowska

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