I love to read books. And today I will share with you my impressions of those books that I have read or are reading now.

Book Antistress.

"a Comprehensive approach to the management of emotions.
a New way of life".
David Servan-Schreiber,
the author of the international bestseller Anticancer.

long enough, I noticed a book on the shelves of many a Pedant. But a little pushed it loud-Stress. Over the last month, I began to understand one simple thing. To get into the field of view of the person who is seeking the information not for the sake of curiosity, but because he's "sick", in the presentation of the material should be based on what a person wants. Not from what he could really help. But when he is already interested and reading, then to offer information that can really help. Antistress is just such a book. It is written by a man who engaged in "big" science, and this is the key to the accuracy of presentation of facts. But in addition, the author has worked and works practitioner — that means that he not only knows, but can apply what he knows. For me it is important factors.

I believe it is extremely important to listen to advice, especially in relation to the mental life of those people who are not just "domatesli I guess it is." Or the scientists and confirming their words with research or practice who have a successful practice. David Servan-Schreiber through this book seems to me like that.

It is extremely simple and entertaining writes about the complex. Nothing excessive, but enough to understand. In the center of his attention, in fact, no Stress, and Emotions, in particular alarm and fear. And he very clearly presents the subject. Thing is, for those who want gradually to "enter" in the subject.

the Book is small, easy to read. Last night I half swallowed. By the way, if you read before bed, the information is better absorbed and remembered, the main thing is not to overdo it in order to sleep normally).

I was most impressed working methods for the restoration of "the coherence of the heart." These amazing facts that the heart is not just muscle. The heart is the Heart. Some data on the verge of fantasy, the possibility of their perception from the "heart" and cardiac memory.

Very interested in the Chapter on working with traumatic material to life experiences of the person. That not everyone was in the experience of extreme trauma, Trauma with a capital letter (rape, death of a spouse, child, concentration camp). But each of us had injuries in small letters, but this does not mean that they are unimportant. They also poison our lives, "sending" poisonous blast from the past, through the Vice of fear and anxiety in the present. The author offers EMDR (Desensitization and reprocessing eye movement) as a promising method of healing injuries. Interesting method, will have to learn it. By the way, if you have experience with EMDR, — feel free to share your comments to the article. The General idea is not new — that the injury is treated through the recovery/recollection of the trauma in the present, it is not easy to tell about it. No, but really to be associated in these experiences, immerse yourself Brightly in the pain, and then "ritual". And "ritual" are rapid eye movements. And I still think this is the most tanatoterapiya.

In General, anti-stress, cool and easy, but it is the correct book. A DEFINITE recommendation to read. Super. I have been a lot of ideas and thoughts. Especially the Heart, and his healing through observation and "warm care of your inner child". Enjoy your reading!

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