Antistress and our Goals

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All people set goals. Do it in very different ways. Results get relevant. Many trainings and webinars I face some problems in this field:

"I don't write your goals down. Why? They are in my head well formulated..."

    "I Have a few goals. More than 3-5 goals I can think of. Don't know what to want..."
    "I write down goals, but they do not come true. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?"
  • "My goals come true but very hard and long. Heard that there are ways to quickly and magically reach your goals. Is this possible?
    "I write the goal, but then when you reach them,this is why I do not happy. Reached, reached, and what?"
these are the problems people have....

Perhaps you learned yourself?

So I decided to write a series of articles "How to set goals and achieve them." In these articles I will answer all the above questions. Also I'm doing a series of free online trainings on the same topic. More about that at the end of the article.

so, how to set goals, not to cure stress? So they happily achieved? To make it easy?

For a start I will list the basic requirements for the purpose of:

1.Goals need to record! It is this action that distinguishes a goal from a dream or desire. For example, you Wake up and dream: "it would be good to move to warmer climes, to leave her job to marry a rich man, to go on vacation in Bali, buy a new coat...." I wonder how many of these wishes come true? In the best case, only one will come true. And that is assuming that you will seriously take up the case, make a plan and start at least to do something to achieve it.

Therefore, you need to record. This simple action, you show the Universe (or someone else...) the seriousness of your intentions. If you have found paper and pen and wrote down the goal is so serious. According to statistics, it makes less than 3% of people. And they are the rich and successful! Are you convinced now? Then, take a notebook and pen (it is a Notepad or notebook, and not a scrap of paper, which tomorrow will be lost)

2. 2. Now, you can record goals correctly. The goal should be, that is, to begin with the words "I, me, me." For example, I turn to a more convenient work, I buy a new coat, I am driven to rest on the sea... Only then your subconscious will help you. If you have a goal that relates to another person – make it so that there was also your actions. For example, I help dad recover his thoughts, I get joy from the fact that...calling me,calling me boss and gives you the premium... This is an important rule in more detail, we will discuss in the next article.

3. The objective should be formulated positively, without "not". That is, you write not something I want to get rid of, and what you want to come. For example, imagine that you want to get to the target. It is wise to stand to face her and aim at her. But many people, for some reason, do the opposite. Turn to the targets (goals) back, look at your reality, and write what they want to get rid of. For example, I don't want to work in this job. Immediately the question arises – and what you want? After all, not on any other? That's why, turn, stare at the target carefully and recorded. Then your chances of hitting the target increase.

4. Write the goal in a real long time. What is it? It's like the goal is already beginning to come true and this process goes. For example, I buy ticket to Norway in July 2012, I was promoted in autumn 2012. I have a new home in ..., etc. The goal of beginning to come true, but has not come true is very important.

And yet – write "want". After all, if you write want to go to Africa, your goal has already come true! You can continue to want! But to the purpose you is not closer.

these are the basic requirements for the order! Easy enough if you know!

Now sit back and write, because you now know how to set goals!

If you want to listen to my audio training on this topic.

see you in the next articles.

Your coach – Tatiana Babanska

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