Apathy and melancholy, coming soon!


I Once heard from his friend an interesting phrase "time of the year - Blues". In fact, such an attitude to the autumn weather changes are not uncommon but rather the norm, especially in our country. Apathy and spleen often become companions of people during this period. In these States, the person begins to experience decadent mood, which in turn is strongly reflected in its internal state.

If you look at this situation from the point of view of nature, the changing of the seasons phenomenon, justifiable and necessary, and all organisms survive it quite calmly, but the man, although part of nature, refers to such changes are not clear. The reason is that they do your mood, treating natural changes as he sees fit. Of course, there are objective reasons for the decline of tone such as lack of sunlight at this time. But by and large people decide to give up him melancholy and apathy in captivity or not. And as the doctors say prevention is better to prevent than to cure. It is therefore advisable to be prepared for this condition and to understand what may contribute to its development.

Memories, especially those associated with painful consequences. In these times people are more inclined to remember different kinds of failures and losses, which in the past caused them emotional pain. Experience this becomes a lot sharper and it can plunge people into a state of depression, which will affect very positively. It so happens that some people get from such memories and thoughts on the matter, just the same pleasure, but it is something like masochism. Hardly worth doing yourself, with deliberately one more time. It is worth remembering that the past has already happened, but life goes on.

At this time people need the support of your loved ones, the warmth. But sometimes this desire begins to take the form of claims like "You can't hear me!", "Do you not care that my heart is!" accordingly, the reaction to these conclusions is not that which counts people, not of affection and attention. The latter is impossible to achieve requirements. Much better to use the opposite approach himself or itself to take care of a close and loved one. Sometimes even mixed in one Cup of sugar can be a reason for the return of tenderness. By the way, in a timely manifestation of tenderness Allergy does not arise at anybody.

That how people perceive their own mistakes in this, too, is a factor that can lead people into a state of apathy. During the autumn change in weather, people are more inclined to give even a minor failure status of globality. This rarely happens for example in the summer. In the fall people can give to an event of catastrophic dimensions, and of course convincing yourself that, reinforce their negative experiences. Perhaps you should more carefully analyze troublesome situations, and not to forget that the ability to act and to change something in life, in humans, is present year-round.

Quiet, autumn sadness is sometimes good, such as helping to switch to a more relaxed emotional perception of reality, after possibly bright in that sense the summer. But it is necessary to distinguish it from the state of melancholy and apathy, which give you should not.

Live with joy! Anton Black.

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Anton Yurievich
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