Practice of holistic massage to work with children with neurological disorders

Gracheva Vera

Senior teacher of the Department "Applied social psychology and conflictology" Saint-Petersburg state Institute of psychology and social work,

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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married Olesya V.

Clinical psychologist of medical centre "Health of the Nation", Lipetsk, Russia

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And medicine, and psychology says the unity of the bodily and mental processes. Has become an accepted fact health effects of negative emotions. [Lowen A., 2013].

And the disease has a manifestation on all levels (body, emotions, thinking, behavior). Strong or chronic stress is recorded in the form of chronic muscular tension blocks and violations of healthy neural connections of the body. [Lowen A.,2013] to return to a healthy state, it is necessary to interrupt this pathological. [Bekhtereva N., 2006].

Modern medicine is not yet ready to bridge the gap between the integrity of the human body and highly specialized approach in the treatment of diseases.

unfortunately, in our country there is no culture of teamwork of the doctor and the psychologist, although there are changes in this direction. But in psychology, in practice there are limitations. She still uses a little body and to harmonize state and health including.

This gap is now actively overcomes body-oriented therapy. For example, one of the first clinical observation of the bodily manifestation of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was made in the burn Department was the First children's hospital St. Petersburg [1989]. Fedorova, She writes: "...the Positive results set the task of formation of the concept of Liminality in psychotherapy and the creation of reliable tools to work, and psychosomatic disorders."

the Tools created. For example, Baturina V. and Fedorova G. adapted, and expanded the possibility of using holistic massage in psychological counseling.

Trained in the use of the methods of body - oriented therapy ( and holistic massage in particular) in the work of the consultant and Spbgipsr. (Vladimir Grachev)

But is not yet widely use these methods to improve health. For example, experienced doctors, neurologists, which managed to establish successful cooperation and are not aware of the possibilities of bodily-oriented psychotherapy.

the Group, which used holistic massage:

  • Children with cerebral palsy (spastic tetraparesis and hemiparesis)
  • Children with neurosis (logoneurosis, enuresis, encopresis, tics)
  • Shy children.

Practice of holistic massage with children diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Modern treatment of cerebral palsy are often accompanied by painful treatments, which increase muscle clamps.

Practice has shown that a variety of bodily practices more effective in overcoming disease than modern pharmaceutical drugs.

well-Known body-oriented psychotherapist Feldenkrais M.[1984] have achieved excellent results in the work with children with cerebral palsy.

the Technique of holistic massage is gentle and gentle, built on the slight vibration and rocking, which promotes deep muscle relaxation, improved circulation. Holistic massage allows to restore a common, natural rhythm of the body. During the session, constantly working with the awareness movement. The work takes place in dialogue with the child, I use command: "Remember! You control your body, You control your pens! Remember! The body is able to relax?" The body reacts on the physical impact team. After applying a course of holistic massage, children showed improvement in mood, increased speech activity. Mom began to notice that in the dream the children were sleeping "stretched out freely," improved coordination of movements. There was a desire to go.

Practice of holistic massage with children suffering from neuroses.

Working with nervousness showed that the disease always was preceded by a traumatic event. My clients in traditional treatment improvements were short or not there at all. Every type of disorder in children has peculiarities of its bodily manifestation. In the body diagnosed chronic muscle clamps and, as a rule, when logoneurosis strong neck "clip."

I Have customers with enuresis and encopresis - belly compressed into a ball, request: "get some belly" – can not be performed.

Children with tics and obsessive – movements- have the biggest number of clamps all over the body: each body area during a session of "live your life" and the body "beating" in sync.

Almost all children in the supine position, automatically rise shoulders and head "out", "hiding" in the shoulders. If children have a choice, they lie on his stomach.

Diagnosis is done using projective methods.

For children 3 -10 years used projective techniques: "non-existent animal", "House. Tree. Man," "My family", "Tales Dusa" modified Luscher test – "Trains".

For children and adolescents 11:"Nonexistent animal", "House. Tree. Man," "Three trees", "Self", the modified Luscher test - sobchik, writing tales analysis [Kiseleva M.,2014]

Parents a method of family sociogram [Nikol'skaya I. M., 2016]: a real family, parent, small, married, have a child, the appearance of 2 children, a sick child, a perfect family.

As a rule, the figure "non-existent animal, missing his mouth", "House, tree, person" – a tree with a hollow, having no fingers.

the figures showed elevated levels of anxiety, internal aggression, low self-esteem, difficulties in establishing contacts.

From session to session the children lying on the couch, there is a natural posture: the hands lie along the body. In the process, changing the manner of walking, posture, the voice becomes sonorous. However, in practice, a course of holistic massage while helping children with a period of stuttering 2 years (long-term work with the speech therapist did not help). For a longer period of stuttering while it was possible to improve the mobility and flexibility of the body.

When re-diagnosis after a course of treatment in all the figures in fairy tales there is a positive trend.

Practice of holistic massage to work with "shy" children.

These children lead the parents at the request of the teachers. Complaints: not responding to the lesson, plays at recess, bad comes in contact with classmates. very well-mannered, polite, neat children. It can be seen immediately. They are very carefully fold the clothes, put shoes. This boys and girls with mask "Pierrot" on the face.

the Use of technology holistic massage with shy children gave a quick striking results. The child began to raise his hand to answer at the Board, made friends in class and improved behavior. The child can go to the store for shopping.

When working with the body, necessary explanatory work with parents.

Summing up, we can conclude that body-oriented therapy and holistic massage in particular, had great potential in restoring the health of our children.

Solodova Olesya
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