Are there psychological vampires? And how to get rid of them.


You know, the feeling in the body when ringing any toxic friend or relative, and You have 10-15 minutes of conversation the feeling of a complete lack of any kind of energy. Or suddenly the problems begin with pressure, or You start to get nervous "for no reason", etc.

what is the meaning of this condition and what special power such toxic people (vampires of your energy)? And how do they do it?

let us Examine it step by step. Is that person a "psychological vampire", and what exactly he does that makes puts You in such a horrible state.

  1. He calls You to reset your problem. the Conversation initially begins with whining. And listing all the reasons why it is impossible to solve these problems in this city, this country, on this continent and on planet Earth as a whole. If you send it to a psychologist, he's just armed with new terms and they will "stick anywhere" explaining that he had "weak Ego", not a mother and it's just above it, and on a subconscious level it is resistance.
  2. You do he'll never call and don't look for him, and he appears always himself. When you are building meaningful relationships, people usually invest a fairly equal amount of time and effort in vimoutliner. This contribution may not match the ratio of 50: 50. But the ratio of 10 to 90 is not exactly talking about harmony.
  3. stick It to You. Sometimes literally. Even if You did work there and do not accept the tactile contact, he wants You to lean on. He also gives You to understand that needs You 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.
  4. despite the fact that he always needs You, You ironically, not got anything to ask. That he can't, then busy, then not today. It's not a prop, and the cargo.
  5. He asks about Your problems at the end of the conversation only be polite. And You feel it. Usually one or two sentences, in the form of favors and begins immediately terminate the conversation.
  6. He's terribly boring. is Not interesting. He lives Your life, if You somewhere and go together, and relieve You of your boring, dull life when You talk on the phone.


If You constantly stick to this plan toxic people, it would be nice to ask yourself why. Maybe You don't know and can't people to "say no"? Want at heart "save the world" (and in fact all the same themselves)? Maybe the people You call confirm you that You are important and needed? Or maybe You just feel at being the hero when You are asked to solve the problem? And this raises self-esteem.

Question still remained open. How to get rid of psychological vampire?

Answer. To work with a psychologist their problems. At least those questions which are shown in italics.

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