there is nobody Not a secret that the man in your life is often uses scents: perfume, Cologne, air freshener, medications with fragrances, bath...

In life we are surrounded by the smells, the flavors that we don't even notice, others react with admiration, others consider bad, and some just relax.

Contemporary alternative medicine extensively uses in aromatherapy, physiotherapy, herbal medicine, neuropsychology, cosmetology...

you can Also talk about the fact that some aromas relieve headaches and other provoke someone pleasant smell of geranium, and someone he's annoying. By the way, geraniums do not like "vampires".

Dear colleagues, how do You feel about aromatherapy, as applied in psychology, when conducting sessions? When working with associations?

I'd like to hear the opinions of everyone, good practice recommendations.

I very often use aromatherapy. It gives a positive effect when dealing with stress, stress, headache...

and criticism is Accepted, but basically!!!

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