a Woman is a unique creature. This river, carrying a steel beach. On the fragile woman's responsibility for home and comfort, the tenderness of the hands in relation to the children, for your kind words and support of my husband. One of the main events in the lives of many members of the fairer sex is the birth of a child.
the Birth of the great act of the Creator, deep moments of sorrow and pain give way to the joy of the birth of a baby, and now the woman doesn't remember kin's suffering, it is full of tenderness, and her happiness sparkling jewel...

In these moments, the newly-made mom is the release of endorphins in the blood, which coupled with oxytocin "includes" a woman's love for her baby. But some moms, despite the successful work of hormones and the joy of the first meeting with the kid, for various reasons, soon to come into a state of exhaustion, fatigue, and sometimes plunged into postnatal depression.

the Woman feels a sense of depression, some anxiety and emptiness. This is quite a difficult period in the family, needs the support of her family and husband, walking in the fresh air and "outputs" (cafes, visit, shop). Some essential oils are at such times very effectively affect the state of the limbic system tired moms and help her cope with the condition of postpartum depression. However, to start using them, you can only when a child turns a month or more.
do Not forget that all essential oils have their contraindications. Carefully read the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer.

in Addition to the choice of oils must be carefully approach to the choice of the method of using essential oils. To conduct a session of aromatherapy it is possible to use the burner and araucana. But the baby often, you'll be near mom and will breathe essential oil under these conditions, so it is recommended to make use of individual inhaler. It allows you to dispense fragrance in a small area. Aromatherapy is best done when the baby on a walk with someone from relatives. In any case, completing the session, the room should be aired and after that Deposit the child into the room.

in the Evening, when the baby is asleep, bath, and after to ventilate the room, because essential oils are able to penetrate into breast milk in certain quantities, and the child should be the most shielded from other sources of essential oils (for air, mom, "impregnated with essential oils"). Often a bath is a precious time when mom can be alone with yourself and relax. Essential oil will help enhance this effect. Take a warm bath can for 15 minutes. The amount of essential oil mixed with an emulsifier (Polysorbate or natural solubilizer), the bath is 2-4 .

If the kid is on artificial feeding, then you should also protect it from the flavors, but in this case, mom could use a more extensive list of essential oils. as long as the child during the aromatherapy sessions were not present near the. If the child is breastfed, it requires especially careful to keep track of what oil is acceptable to use for kids and what is prohibited.
Also the choice of oil should be considered used whether the mother is a valid essential oils during pregnancy or not, if she has experience with oil before pregnancy. If no experience, then you should choose the most secure oil.

remember that all essential oils have a complex and serious composition, and overdose for the weak (and healthy) body's unwanted. Lactation (and the presence of baby is not breastfeeding) mom used reduced dosage. For example, when used in oil burner the dosage of essential oils should be reduced to 1 drop . So you can reduce the amount absorbed by the body oils.

In the period of breastfeeding is permissible to use the essential oils of neroli and Mandarin to combat a bad mood. Usually these are the same oils are recommended for prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy, and mothers can be experience with them before delivery.
According to research by S. S. Soldatchenko, G. F. Kashchenko and A. V. Pidevas lavender essential oil is not only a powerful antiseptic, but also helps a tired mother to cope with exhaustion and depression, with soothing properties. Lavender improves your mood and fights against the headaches and migraines that so often accompany depression. This oil is often included in children's cosmetics, and its use is acceptable in minimal doses.

when Generic postpartum depression is essential oil tea tree. If the baby is bottle-fed, he shouldn't be in the next room, where there is oil. Essential tea tree oil for children can be used when baby is more than 8-12 months. Tea tree refers to the classic aromatic adaptogens. It will help a sad mother to improve memory, relieve anxiety and fatigue, will give your confidence and increase stress.

According to data obtained by American researchers in 2012, it was found that the positive effect on postpartum depression aromatherapy is the essential oils of Jasmine, ylang-ylang, bergamot and rose.

Bergamot orange, like most citrus essential oils, their contraindications is phototoxicity in direct contact. This embarrassing moment my mom should pay attention. On the Aromashka presents without bergamot bergapten, which ototoksicnami has no action.
If essential oil roses you can use the mother and baby, essential oil sandalwood, ylang-ylang, Jasmine and bergamot should not be used in a room where there is always a baby, and in that case, if the child is breastfed. Mom, practicing artificial feeding, data of essential oil suitable for the bath.

If the rules for the use of essential oils is an effective and safe approach to dealing with postpartum depression.
it Should be remembered that essential oils are not a cure, but only an auxiliary supporting means. If depression is a protracted period (longer than two weeks), mothers experience symptoms of depression, loss of interest in normal daily activities, insomnia, absent-mindedness and negative thoughts, you should see a specialist (family doctor, therapist, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist) to get qualified help.


Anastasia Egorova
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