Aromatherapy is an indispensable ally in the fight against excess weight. Essential oils, due to its delicate but sharp activity, are able to exert many beneficial effects in complete safety.

the First step is to avoid the most common mistakes: skipping meals and use too radical dieting.

In these cases, only the result is the so-called "effect yo-yo" - fast weight loss, followed by a rapid increase in fat mass. This creates a vicious circle that can cause serious health damage.

overweight and obesity are caused by many reasons: - malnutrition, - sedentary lifestyle, changes in metabolism, genetics,

- the behavior that is caused by psychological factors and environmental factors.

Thus, the approach should include all the involved elements, correcting wrong habits and initiating process changes and updates. br>
the Most advanced frontier of modern well-being care about the body, but not to neglect the psyche.

the Goal is to restore the physical form and the harmony of the mind, using only natural products, simple and effective, taking into account the environment in which we live. br>

Awareness of the greed and control of appetite are often the key to success weight loss diet. Snacking and feelings of hunger. - cons almost all diets, heavy sacrifices, which you are lead to disappointment, and it often happens that they lead to large numbers of kilograms than before, increasing the discomfort.

Emotions play a critical role in the processes of regulation of weight control of the body, and is impossible to program weight loss without taking emotional profile.

Anxiety, depression, anger, stress and boredom can lead to acute needs for food, suppressed a sweet or salty snack that can bring visible relief, calming a nervous breakdown in the shower. The so-called "compulsive hunger", which leads to a "release of steam" for food, leaving a heavy legacy, consisting of humiliation and guilt.
fragrance Oils are a great way to stop unconscious mental stimuli, which impede the loss of excess pounds and reduce extra weight.

Aromatically uses essential oils for positive effects on mental state, the fragrances come in contact with the subconscious mind and affect the behavior and feelings, stimulate a positive mood and protivopostavit negative emotions.

Usage is very simple: using the diffuser, aromacology or dealing, as the spirits inhale. br>

of Course, for well-written personal resource of flavor that help to reduce weight, you should consult a specialist.

I Invite You to aromaticheskikh.

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