In this article we will talk about what you expect aromaticheskimi and aromakosmetiki. In General what people want from the methods of aromatherapy and naturopatii.

Today essential oil is a powerful tool in my work, along with methods of art-therapy (and projective methods).

what is the action of essential oils? When you use inhalation (the inhalation of essential oils), aromatic molecules identifitseerida olfactory receptors, which in turn give a signal to the brain, where the analysis and response to inhalation of or other essential oil.Here works the limbic system responsible for emotions. Inhalation of one or another essential oil gives rise to a certain associative images of the person, of course emotions arise that change the hormonal background of a person.

cutaneous, molecules of essential oils not only enter the human body, but also olfactory receptors "catch" the molecules of aromatic substances, this method today is more efficient and bestraffning in aromatechnologies.

With the help of essential oils (pharmaceutical quality essential oils do not have aromatherapy effect, allowed their use only for aesthetic purposes) it is possible to achieve quick and steady effect of correction of neuro-pishchenkov voltage in predetermined situations, eliminate physical pain with bruises and sprains, even if you have osteochondrosis,as well as to attract customers to the store (aromamarketing, aroma design). Here the use of essential oils is certainly not limited, it is only a small part of their sphere of use.

Essential oils are being studied actively at the moment there are a number of papers on this subject and candidates of medical, biological Sciences, of course a lot of work on the chemistry of essential oils, but in General, the topic of essential oils remains unsolved and very relevant.

Natural essential oils: 100% guarantee gives only chromatographic analysis.This analysis can be applied in any city in San.epidemiological.station ( there should be chromatographs).

When a person comes for consultation, his first desire: to understand what essential oils are and how to use these tools, you can change your Roshni, to bring in certain emotions,find inner harmony and sometimes to influence others (raising self-esteem, management of business negotiations, the establishment of non-verbal communication).

I came to the conclusion that they are ready to hold free webinar on one of the suggested topics below, because, often get a request in these areas. Please take the survey and give feedback in the comments, ready for dialogue.

What webinar you want?Create aroma-imagerotation business stressresistant.Support aromatherapythymesmagazine relationships using essential oils.Emotions under control. Essential oil.Men's confidence.Essential malavoy option (write in comments)

Anastasia Egorova
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