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August is summer too, even if you live somewhere "North of South" and spend this month at home, not on the shores of warm seas. Therefore, the summer mood have not dismissed you yet, and we still have the sense not to dig into the theory, and to continue vigorous practical polishing their speaking skills. I hope the theme of questions and answers from the previous article you have already started, continue. Today a couple of exercises will help to develop imagery and purity of our speech.

the Artist

One of the greatest challenges for any speaker is the transmission by the word different images, visual images, everything that was originally intended for the perception of the eyes. No wonder folk wisdom says it's better to see once than hear a hundred times.

the Modern means of presentation, on the one hand, has greatly simplified this task and made current speakers are terribly dependent on the visualization tools and infographics. Alas, now, when to show the beauty of some pictures don't need to bother selecting words with just one click of the mouse – skills of artistic expression is becoming increasingly rare.

not to look helpless in a situation when no projector or plasma, or even of the monitor at hand does not prove, propose to proceed immediately to the opening of the artist ).

What to do

Everything is very simple – look out the window, look around, look at any picture on the monitor. And describe aloud what you see.

Well, actually, all, of course, is not straightforward. There are a lot of nuances. How to describe, from whose point of view? Landscape painter, geologist, realtor, appraiser and military intelligence will see and describe the same area in completely different ways. And, by the way, being the audience also absolutely differently perceive our story.

And what we want to achieve with their description? The audience was amazed, disappointed, wanted to go there, give money to the salvation or invested in the development of the field?

And how much time – half an hour, ten minutes, forty five seconds?

Accordingly, it makes sense to first sketch out yourself a few simple introductory terms – who I am, where and to whom are what you want, how much time I have. And then to turn in front of a real audience in front of the video camera before the recorder. By the way, even if you rest from people and gadgets on a desert island, simple story in the space to the surrounding trees will also be useful ).

How to tell

Better if our description has some structure, for example, from the General to the specific. First, we apply broad strokes the context of the work: what is the area, what era, time of year, etc. Then you can clarify what is depicted, what music, what acting. Then focus on interesting parts. And then, if appropriate, share their impressions of the entire image.

Should pay attention to your artistic tools he paints a picture not brushes and paints, and the rich supply of a variety of adjectives, colorful words and beautiful metaphors. It is useful to give the image defined characters, to "revive" them – even if it's inanimate objects.

...the Story of how a young, rebellious

Floating at the top of a house boat...

M Shcherbakov, a Song of youth

in short, go ahead, look for unusual options, read poets, expand their active vocabulary. To control try to count how many adjectives you use in your speech right now – and how many of them will after a couple weeks of work "artist".


in Parallel with the "Artist" makes sense to engage in active cleaning of her speech from various parasites. The bright vivid expressive speaking with them absolutely incompatible is of course, unless it's a special elaborate artistic technique.

Technical progress and the development of medicine actively help us zaborot intruders biological terms, but against garbage in the speech until they are powerless )). Therefore, we need to strongly take up the case and until the summer (or at least "by the end of September" – as used to say as Pushkin), to get rid of all sorts of "well... sort of... well... here..." and so on.

the Problem is quite manageable if you approach it with due diligence and some patience. Exercise "Sanitation" we will be great in this assistant.

What to do

Since the power and deceit of garbage words that people not notice, you first need to find the enemy, figure out what words-parasites are preventing us to live a normal life right now.

it is better to appeal to his inner circle, to those with whom we most often communicate. If they find it difficult to tell immediately – you need to ask them to follow us a day or two.

Another good way is to try to speak without preparation with a small story, a message, news about what we are not deep experts in front of an attentive audience. To be sure, you can equip them with tape recorders. Some of the excitement and the need to think and talk at the same time will help to identify our favorite trash pretty quickly.

When a workload is defined, it is possible to take up the case. I usually find that it is necessary to "weed out" more of the same garbage words. Then you should start with the most frequent (or most impure).

Again turn to the inner circle solemnly declare, that I decided to get rid of, for example, the word-parasite "here" – and ask colleagues, family members, classmates, etc. to monitor our speech and to tell us when we speak the word. Everyone who pointed out, is rewarded ten rubles / ten Euro / slice chocolate – choose something not too valuable, still I wish to give.

If you give at this point in history suddenly nothing – not a problem. You can instead do three to five sit-UPS or push-UPS, loudly crowing, painful clicking at the wrist pre-Assembly in accountancy gum in the training and education it's called negative reinforcement )).

Important: it is impossible to postpone "retribution" for now, to pay for everything at once in the evening or at the end of the week – this has no effect. Only immediate calculation, only hardcore! )) So please be a trifle, or will have to pay those bills that are in stock.

of Course, this can be a have to laugh. Then – terribly to enrage. Here the main thing – not to quit, to stay, to keep talking and to pay, squat, do push-UPS. Some time later we start to notice his words-parasites, and to catch their "tail" halfway somewhere in the middle of the larynx – a good sign. From this moment the work of our assistants has been steadily going down – until then, until we get the next parasite )).

well. Exercise, as stated, tested by time and experiences of hundreds of people – join in. Your clean, beautiful and shaped it – your... I mean – everything depends on you )). So do not wait, grasp now, and in fact I a couple of weeks you exercise will throw.

in the meantime, say goodbye, remind about the possibility to contact me for help in the rhetorical practices and psychological issues – tips for the small gift and big money (via Skype or live). I welcome your questions, thoughts, comments. Write on e-mail vsl7 on Stay healthy, warm and happy summer days!


Vyacheslav Alemasov.

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