On the impact of negative attitudes of the forefathers of our financial situation, I promised to tell you when describing the monetary arrangement.

How come the money? Constellation exerciseMoney trail. Constellation exercise

And today, I will be happy to fulfill your promise. Talk about this on the client example works with the Metaphoric Associative Cards.

consent to the publication client is received, the name and some circumstances changed.

Ulyana, we are working for a long time. The main objective of this thirty-five year old woman to improve her relationship with her husband, and last online session Juliana asked such a query.

Client: "Natalia I make is always very good, but all descend on different purchases that, not even always me use them!"

no Wonder there is a perception that customers are attracted to us not by chance!

Psychologist "Juliana, too most I can tell You about yourself! And of course, we can talk about it, alas, not a request, because Your sentence is missing a QUESTION! If you restate it in a question, get..."

Client: "How can I understand the reason for my squandering?"

Psychologist "And for what purpose You want to understand the reasons for Your profligacy?"

Client: "Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!! To change your behavior!"

Psychologist "so......"

Client: "How can I understand the reason for my squandering, to change their behavior?"

Psychologist "Request accepted!"

This client likes to work with "pictures". So Juliana calls Metaphorical Associative Cards.

We have completed Ulyana here's a simple scenario with different decks MAC

  1. From the deck "Class and nation" constellation of methods "Skeleton in the closet" the client chose on the online application, openly, the four divisions of the families of their great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers. Juliana answered the question: "What is known about their life?
  2. Important: at the top left, family great-grandfather on my mom, bottom left, the family of the grandmother on mother, and on the right the same from the top down – great-grandparents on the mother.
  3. Then also openly, the girl chose four position, which it believed belonged to the grandparents. We found: "As reflected in the financial behavior of parents and the client?"
  4. Next Juliana openly took out a card from the "Money Decks". We discussed: "And how does this relate to her current situation?" and "What "messages of ancestors" it is peculiar?"
  5. Juliana chose its current belief, too, openly
  6. Next card from the deck "Allegory" was selected closed and she answered the question: "How can you change your script?"
  7. openly is selected then the message, which is more client like this!
  8. And finally, a picture from the deck "Resources and Power", which Juliana, again, pulled closed helped to answer her question: "What will be my first step to change?"
  9. Made the situation a positive setting that is selected in the open!

P.S. I am very grateful to this client for what she allowed to tell me about our work together. After all, nobody will ever know under this name, and others will become clearer in which direction to move.

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