Not long ago I travelled by car. For a month we (me, my husband and his brother) overcame the 11 600 km. This very much. And, frankly, it's really hard. br>
the Difficulty is that in spite of my almost ten years of driving experience, experience driving on the highway I have almost was not. Those who know, will understand, even to stop the car can not in any place and at extemeley environment fast track the skills of self-control is something that can, not afraid of big words, to save a life.

there were three of Us, we were driving at a time. Almost didn't stop. One taxied, the other the Navigator, and the third slept. Somewhere, on the second day of travel, these roles are "floated" each member began to show its authenticity, and each wanted his freedom to be a real respected the other, without considering how it affects all the others...

Another difficulty that we were all in cohesion, each member of this trip, your character (decipher it later), we were in a confined space - a car that no one can leave without harm to themselves and others.
Here is where you can fully experience your psychological health. *(see Model of a healthy personality in Gestalt. To the contrary :
"the Neurotic is any need, that its satisfaction leads to the destruction of the body or environment of its supply.") br>
to Leave the contact is not an option.

And emotional climate are important almost the same as when flying in space. br>
now imagine the participants who seem to adults, but are under serious load, and therefore do not realize or their feelings or States, and at the same time, at a speed of 120 km/h, in unfamiliar and unpredictable the road trying to figure things out - that's tough!

Back of this super-quest alive and well (as much as possible given the extreme situation and the toxicity of the relationship) I helped my personal therapy (all therapists have to undergo) my childhood traumas, including my skill to preserve the stability and ability to support themselves and others, even with the total exhaustion, as well as skill to keep your inner observer, and the skill to see and recognize its limitations...

All this we will learn the therapeutic group.

Let us learn to be adults and are happy with its awareness of people.

after certificate will be issued from the Pulley of the "School contact and interaction" Sergey Eliseev.

the First module will take place on 7 October from 10.30 to 17.30 - the cost is 12000 tenge.
Phone to record and preliminary interviews +7 707 977 66 26, +7 701 718 87 26 and Wats app +7 777 270 56 26. br>
Make my only life a more conscious and full! In our power to fill her life with happiness!

Zakharova Oksana
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