Fathers in many families are mysterious, distant, intimidating figures. By the way, the word of g-d, who alone created all things, is also pronounced in the masculine and He was the first condemned, forbade such relationships between men. At the same time, not mentioning a female version of such a relationship. And so happened the two girls in the pool — this is an entertaining picture. And men if it's not water Polo it is a perversion – male synchronized swimming and is not recognized as an Olympic sport, and especially aesthetics.

Dad...and that he, in fact, now can it? To earn more than my mother? Proudly wear a beard and "beer growth"? Its main goal is to be a man. To have a male principal and the rank, i.e. the position, let the security guard at the store, but he has a duty to suspect and to punish!

It's family-apologists of masculinity, are convinced that homosexuals are dangerous to society and are terrible opposite of masculinity. A men believe that, demonstration of masculinity, a rejection of everything considered feminine. Even their polygamy, most often motivated not by desire, but a neurotic need to tell friends over a beer, in the bath, how he had women.

Men's humor is a topic for another conversation. The word gay from the English. gay originally meant "carefree", "happy", "bright, theatrical". However, in modern English (1960s — 1970s) this word was used exclusively as a synonym for same-sex sexual orientation. To be cheerful means to be powerless, weak, unable to free himself from his mother. And these characteristics are incompatible with real manliness.

the Unforgettable Nikita Khrushchev not only fed the whole country with corn and taught to hate America, but was convinced that the word "cunt" is an insult, not an outdated medical term. Not surprisingly, by exposing the Cult of Stalin and was released from the camps is not only dissidents and criminals, he somehow forgot those who had served a sentence according to article 121, homosexuality. It ceased to apply only in 1993. Now it is not planted, but continue to "treat". Although not so severely as before. Although how to cure a man from himself? Homosexuality is not a choice, but a feature of the brain. The same as genius. There are many ways to make a man an idiot, but no more than one to make someone smarter. As in the case of pedophilia, the subject can be sterilized – by destroying his perverse sexual desire. But how do you switch a brain, methods do not yet exist. (see the book dick Swab. "Weare our brains. From the womb to Alzheimer's").

Wanting to learn more about the person, we are not interested in his brain. It is difficult to imagine that someone would boast of his MRI, but the picture of a cute wife, children everywhere. And what to say of a talented guy? And how to realize their potential, if he has no girlfriend and he can't even imagine such a relationship?!

"My father always loved sports. He liked sports, he played football. And always wanted, I played along with him. But I do not sports. I don't know how this relates to my sexuality. But I always felt that I should hide from him their true desires. To my Father's humiliating to have a son who is engaged in sexual activity that many believe is so disgusting and degrading that their very mention is used by people for insults".

Well, I suppose, parents can never find out. But how to live with this mystery that you cannot trust the native people?

the Relationship of a boy and his father are his first, most important relationship with a man. The acceptance in his father's eyes is the reflection of a future love partner. But if in these eyes only hatred? Here, masochism is not just an innate quality, but a way to accept each other's feelings. If these primary relationship with my dad was saturated with fear, emotional detachment, or even open hostility, that person would rather remain single or go on offense, to implement emotional needs. Because it will be much harder to form and maintain close, committed relationships with male partners.

Even if you are "special" - you'd still a reasonable man. For gay sons of all ages, especially those who are struggling to establish, fix, or strengthen their current same-sex relationship might be a good idea to look at their past relationships with their fathers. In order not to drag their hatred and not understanding. If you are gay, then you must be cheerful and happy!

"My father is very big fan of women. He said that this "part of the brain" should be disabled, apparently he meant a lobotomy. At least he recognized the biological aspect "of our identity." When I told him that a friend, whom I visited a few months, more than just my friend, he said, "I know ... and I love you." It was almost 4 years ago. Now I call him almost every day. He loves my boyfriend like a son. We are all very close.

I experienced a bit of hostility, but have dealt with this since my dad is a loving, tolerant people. I feel that my partner is just like him. At least when my dad was younger. Women often marry their "fathers". I hope that we will soon live in a world where homosexuality in men does not equate to sin and femininity. Men are free to love each other without judgment".

Makovsky Bella
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