As a metaphorical card can make a successful psychologist



"When I started my practice, in my Arsenal yet was not metaphorical maps, the work is going, customers are looking for answers to their questions, understand the causes of the problems, I helped them along the way. But I felt like something was missing. I think you also had: lacked confidence, experience, tired quickly from several consultations in a row in my head constantly replaying the client, sometimes even in sleep held a session. :)

Yes, I did personal therapy, regular supervision took on difficult cases, but still find it difficult and sometimes even scary.

it is Difficult to see the time until I met a metaphorical cards. MACK became for me the support that I need. The cards helped me to grow not so painful, not so traumatic, and helped to live the depreciation.
They didn't replace study, personal therapy, supervision, BUT my map helped not to burn on the way to becoming me as a therapist, I helped you stand when you fall, gave me strength to go on.

I Gradually realized that for customers of MAC — this is the trigger: was a psychologist, decided an important issue, now all your friends advise of a specialist. I didn't do anything for fixing this trigger, just worked, used the maps on the consultation, creating a safe space for the client to open up and to find something that will help him. br>

All workshops with POPPY remembered by the participants. Somehow I spent in the network by MK with metaphorical cards, a few years after me came my student. Seeing the cards the girls from the network of the club said, and to us Olga Harkavets ' already came with the MAC. :)
When I first heard about the metaphorical cards, I felt it was my instrument, and really he helped me and continues to help.

so why make the card of a psychologist successfully:
- allow to create a memorable image;
- effective and efficient in the work that gives the trigger to the customers;
- deep results like the customers, and they turn again and again;
- bright tool that allows you to stand out during conferences and festivals.
Perhaps you have another way, another tool. br>
I Want to say only one thing: look for something that will speak to your soul, it will be easy to happen and then do it! br>
Share my experience as a MAC change your psychological practice" :)

Harkavets ' Olga
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