Yes, the question is, what is called, on zasypku. Sometimes you can talk for days, exhausting himself, exhausting him, erecting the whole wall of arguments between you. Or just leave, slamming the door, and sit on a bench in the Park, hands trembling from weakness of the hand.

you Can do otherwise. To start insinuating to write to him on messenger, no matter how about, flirting, and at the same time weaving the intrigue, pushing... Only if there is no love, feel the - all these messages will be in an empty track. Therefore, it is necessary to come up with a radical technique "warfare" where the ultimate goal is to win the battle. And what tactics and strategy here to apply is an art.

the Man himself hunter, tactics and player in one. Although the strategy love game he cares less than you. He's not looking so far: home, hearth, snotty children, and ideally noisy dance grandchildren. It is usually interested in the "here and now": Tits, ass, and a little vague arguments - not about love, but about his own importance. Here's the bait and will take it.

to get a man To want to come back to you, as much as to win back, he's got to feel that with you he is Napoleon, Alain Delon and Steve jobs odnovremenno. And clever-he, and beautiful, and strong. Even the terrible and wild as a lion - in General nonsense, we can say, see for yourself - all sahawat.

If your partner increased IQ, which is also sometimes such a primitive is unlikely to take. It would be thinner and sophisticated, not a sin to re-read Machiavelli. Or, for example, Chinese philosophers - treatise on the art of war. Choose the appropriate situation plan - and more!

just apply this book set will be difficult, if your man was already in the inaccessibility zone. Sometimes, on the contrary, good work Russian folk short words. They are at least one is able to bring to life, and even more resepresentatives redneck. For how else can you call someone who does not want to follow Chinese philosophy, and obey the art of intrigue?

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