As a Woman all the time?

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Time... that's it, we women constantly do not have enough. And when suddenly there is a seemingly a couple of hours, or a day off or vacation we again sorely lacking. There are a lot of things I wanted to do, and as a result not enough time for anything. Familiar?

for the First time for me it was a serious problem when I quit my job and began to do his favorite thing. Therefore, I had a free schedule, I've ordered my free time. In short, all of what I have so long dreamed of. My thoughts were like: "Finally! Now I can read books that have long wanted to read, see new movies, I will visit an interesting psychological courses, write new trainings and articles for women, will begin to pay more attention to her physical form, every day I will prepare some new interesting dish to meet more often with friends, walking in nature, etc. and as soon as the free time has appeared in my location, all my plans started to simply crumble. Day after day passed by quickly, not one of my intended points was not performed. Of course, this makes me very upset. And I began to understand the reasons.


In most cases our day is planned not we ourselves, strangers, or circumstances. Let's say you work from 8 am to 5 PM, after 5 you take a child out of kindergarten, at 7 p.m., you have English courses, etc – day planned. Rather its you by and large planned out, and you follow this plan.

Quite a different situation when time is of entirely falls under your command. Sometimes in this case, the woman simply lost. She is so used to having everything painted on the clock that will cope with the "large amount" of free time it becomes difficult.

the Main thing – correctly to dispose of their wealth!

In fact, time is a great asset. And how the woman is able to dispose of them, depends very much. To do this, you first need all to plan!

so, your actions:

    1. For starters get yourself a beautiful notebook or notebook and in the evening write down all the points that you would like to do tomorrow. Starting from what time you Wake up and what time you go to bed.
    2. Next to each item put the approximate time that you plan to take some action.
    3. Be sure to include in your list a minimum of three female cases of so-called "Affairs for themselves." For example, to make a tasty dish, go for a manicure, learn new techniques of knitting, dance, make a mask, take a fragrant bath etc., in short everything what you like to do.
    4. In the morning start their plan. After each completed scheduled actions next put a tick or draw a flower.
    5. In the evening, analyze what failed, and what is not.
    6. Think about what kind of things distracted you? What prevented to perform a particular item? Who or what can help you accomplish the daily goal?

Over time this process automatizarea. You will learn how to plan your day, without the records and marks. Things will get easier, more fun, faster. And, most importantly, they will bring you pleasure.

PS: how do you plan your time? Are you able to do it easy and useful? Please share with me your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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