As a woman in a new relationship with a man to stop being afraid to "get burned again". The practical exercise.


When you see other men walk holding hands, hug and fight, begin particularly acutely feel the absence of a partner. Burning in past relationships, failed to deal with it. A negative experience makes you doubt yourself and assume that in a new relationship you are in for a repetition of the nightmare.

Instead of trying to understand the past, you start to deny it. Again and again experiencing the pain and resentment that constantly remind myself, squeeze the chest and back. Often leads to irritation and anger , you begin to blame yourself, hate even. "What am I doing wrong? What did I do wrong? Why it is happening to me?" - these and many other questions haunt at night.

How not to step on the same rake, to avoid suffering like this in past relationships? If you it is very important offer to do an exercise where you will find the answers.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and remember the first situation in a past relationship where you felt, to put it mildly, unpleasant, man you have been treated unfairly. Such thoughts cause negative emotions... but still, try to remember all the details (what started what or who was the cause, etc.)

Now imagine that you are sitting in the audience and watching your fight from the outside, like watching a movie (that's what you in the past, here it is, your situation, your talks, behavior).

In their place what would you have done or not done to make this situation not arisen, or to be resolved without quarrels and insults? What issues were not specified, which words have not been said? What did you understand?

the woman Often seems that the breakup blame the man, he tumbled all the cones of offense and disappointment, the impression that all men are bast.. etc.

you Need to understand that any gap are relevant to both. If you want to make the relationship better, start with yourself. Watch and see how other couples to resolve an unpleasant situation that that woman does, how he behaves and what he says.

the discontent from obgovarivali with a partner, don't put yourself in layers of innuendo and insults, which are necessarily under his weight spills out on the ground and turn in the conflict.

so, to not be afraid of getting burned again that you need to change?

All the answers are in you, isn't it? And no magic)

And again, it is important to know what kind of man you want to see. My next article about the portrait of the chosen one, don't miss it!

see you in articles)

Olga rukosueva
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