As cooling unrequited feelings? Exercise

How to make cold feelings?

unfortunately, there are situations when the feelings are no more of the resource.

in order to kindle a fire need wood.

But what if the wood was not damp or they too will help even the lighter fluid?

we can only accept the situation and let it go with the world

what to do when to forgive and let go does not work?

If you fall into love addiction, the subject of "passion" to be driven through the prism of your perception.

you Invented the image has nothing to do with a real person.

"Stuck" is because we think that this person is perfect.

And this is the biggest illusion.

You do not see him as what he really is, and the way you want it to be.

do You remember and cultivate moments when he

  1. Gave flowers and gifts
  2. Spoke compliments
  3. energetic
  4. Admired
  5. looked after
  6. Politely opened the door and gave coat
  7. Demonstrated generosity of universal scale, translating an old lady across the way

This list can be continued indefinitely.

of Course, everyone has his own.Only if you compare all lists of customers, they are remarkably similar to each other, with a difference only in minor details.

Remember that this person from the list of blessings is no longer with you!

How to not sound cruel,it is, unfortunately, no longer in your life

You're projecting a sad tale about what it is you really likes, but some irresistible force preventing you from being together, namely:

  • his mother
  • his "sick" wife
  • his mistress
  • little children
  • his work
  • trip
  • distance

You know yourself that this is all a myth!

it is Better to disclose it and to recover, Tridata in the pillow or on reception at the psychologist, because the only way to be healed.

the One who wants to be around, be around, why would he not worth it!

what do you think, did Stirlitz his wife, really?

If its value was to be with his family, he would have stayed with her, something would come up for this, in the end:

  • retired from the bodies
  • or Vice versa, would suit her down there
  • and maybe they'd run off together for the border

Leave of Stirlitz, he made his choice between the woman and the service, in favor of life!

And your man have made their choice in favor of something that it is unfortunately more important than you.

But, how to stop thinking about him?

Output where input!

Instead, cultivate your recognize list, where he was an ideal partner for you.

Compose new, more honest and informed, a list of where he is:

  1. You ignored the
  2. you Insulted, by word or action
  3. May ever raise a hand
  4. were rude and uncivil
  5. Greedy
  6. Lie and twist and turn
  7. Talking shit about someone or jealous of other people

You say: "It's not him? He is not able to?"

And it is again a myth, for each Person there is always Shadow

In this situation, that, she, his Shade will stand you in good stead

There is such a tough book

It is available on the website:

at least scroll through it and what you used to cover yourself with the veil of complexity will seem much easier.

you Can play this Lotto:

  1. Quality where you think "white and fluffy" to write on the white stickers or small pieces
  2. the Shadow side of his personality in the color, with sticky reverse side
  3. Glue each "white" as "color"

PS I would be glad if helped you better understand and evaluate your life. You will not want to waste precious time on empty experiences. Let him go in peace, that's the only way and start with a clean slate

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