We love winning, we enjoy and like to win.

But life is such that it can be no victories without defeats. From time to time all are confronted with them.

As of the defeats make the victory?

don't give up.

If you lost, experienced defeat and surrendered, a defeat remains a defeat, but if you didn't give up, it is possible to make him win.

learn from defeats.

Make a correction of errors and extract lessons from them.

I think we all know that we need to learn from their mistakes and defeats. But to know does not mean to do.

I, like most people, often having the defeat, immediately want to take and do it all over again, so to get a faster fix.

to Make faster, does not mean to do quickly.

Seeking immediately, quickly re-do everything, we often swooped down again in defeat. After all, you need to fix.

to Understand what was made wrong, to fix, to do to get to victory. But, as a rule, that anyone in childhood did not teach. The need now is to learn, having defeated, to stop yourself, to understand what was not done right, you had to make a mistake, learn and correct mistakes.

However, you can not think and live as before. Will happen all the same, hitting on the same rake for the hundredth, maybe thousandth time, will suddenly come to an Epiphany: "So this is what I'm doing wrong! Here we must not so!".

Sooner or later must come to the understanding only knows when it will happen, how many years or lives to this natural evolution.

Not satisfied with such a long way - make mistakes, learn.

the Victory must be cook.

Thoroughly consider the matter, understand what I have to do what's necessary. Collect all the missing parts.

Often, in order to get what you want, come to win, you need to change, to acquire the necessary qualities, or to get rid of what does not allow you to win. It takes time and effort.

and, of course, to gather strength, become stronger or to find helpers, those who help you win.

don't give up, learn, think and prepare for victory, then defeat will be just a stepping stone to victory.

If you learn to understand what is the error, does not work, ask for help.

In some cases, to understand what was done wrong and how to do it right, the required side view, expert advice.

Call, I will be glad to help.

Psychologist - Andrew G. Starkin.
Counseling in person, Skype and telephone.
Average cost of consultation is 1000 rubles/hour.

Record on consultation by phone 8-923-621-0007

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