As in love and dependence

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We at every moment have a certain picture of the world at the moment.

Everything that happens in our lives is a consequence of our thoughts (conscious and unconscious). I wanted really just to show how we ourselves generate the events of his life - the origin of the dependence and love at the level of thoughts and actions.

the Most common experience.

the Girl, not having any knowledge and ideas about a relationship with a man, waiting for love. Other friends had met their loved ones. She compares herself with them, more on her mind, exacerbating his feelings of loneliness and increasing fear of losing one.

In this state of obsession with herself she meets a young man showing interest in her. He became her most important, a light in the window, her Savior.

To him was born the state of Sverdlova-over-dependency, because it is he became the source of her happiness. In this happiness I want to grab a stranglehold, and to give it when he can. He must now always be there for her and prolong her happiness.

the State of dependence gives rise to new claims, expectations, resentment. The latter only ruin relationships. Relationships built on Sverdlova-over-dependency, can not stand the test of time, if their quality will not change. Young people who torment each other with claims quickly parted.

This discordant state, becoming a vicious circle, which did not immediately see the output.

the Woman again left alone with even more fears, complexes, expectations, grievances and complaints to the load that destroys health.

This oft-repeated scenario of life.

But the scenario could have gone differently.

Enough in the first embodiment to realize a single phrase: "to Shift the focus of attention from himself to another person", and it is another world and the development of events would have gone differently.

If a woman does not think about himself, not about getting her someone to love, and that she can give man, she will realize the value for men and she wouldn't even come up with the idea that she could be alone. Each counter man she will see your ability to take care of him. For sure it will begin to look different men, hearing of her desire to take care of. She will be able to choose the most worthy.

having Met the young man, deliberately chosen, experiencing a state of love to him, girl consciously understands that it is her own state that lives in itself, and the young man just helped her uncover her own life. She is grateful to him for his contribution to its development.

Once that feeling is in it, it will be able itself to develop it further to make it to many around.

it Is not the source of happiness. To him but gratitude, nothing. It is easy and comfortable to be around her,because she has no complaints and expectations, he owes nothing to her.

Awareness of gratitude for everything that happens in life, it is a good position that we are owed nothing and desire to care for others, to give made this girl happy. She does not believe that this man is now the rest of her life should give her love every day and make her happy.

She was grateful to him for his contribution to its development, and she is ready to give care and love.

In life there are different events, the circumstances and sometimes we find ourselves in a situation of which see no way out. And in the old world to find a way out impossible.

Through such a difficult situation and leads to our development, which is not only way out of the crisis, but also the expansion Outlook.

In the new world that were previously perceived to be critical and destroyed the health, ceases to be critical, and becomes simple, clear and joyful (conscious).

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