As Maroussia, Maria became (tale of the Gestalt)


boom - boom! Vzhuh-VIH! Crack of parabeam! A loud clanging tin pans. The bounce crashing on the concrete floor of crystal glasses.  Gnashing of teeth, angrily concatenated in anger.  some scuffling behind a high oak door, and...

the Door opened and power from it ran breathless Mary. Her cheeks were burning with rage, mouth twisted in a terrible grimace, eyes filled with tears, mascara gray streams flowed in the face.

It's terrible! This is a nightmare! Fu to be such! Hate, hate you! You go to the stump! All. I left. Just so you know!

After these words, Mary as if stung bounced off the door, forgetting to close it tight.  From the door came the putrid odor of something foul. The draft went here and there, howling a mournful song.  it looked like some kind of greenish mist comes out of the door. Huge boulders fetid breath the door of life was cooked and mixed with fresh air, dissolved in it, and gradually faded. 

Mary sat down on a stump next to the door and looked thoughtful. What should I do? Where to go?  How to cheer your dear maiden? How to forget the hell that happened to her at the door?

To Marusya jumped the Bunny Dragica and provocatively said:

Hey, what's with Kweli? Went to our rabbit party. There we have the courage to swing. Dancing from the heart, poorem "VI and see the champion, may freeends!",  carrot dumplings to eat. Have fun from the heart, reply!

Marusya liked the Bunny and she ran for his energetic tail on the sounds Dec-Dec music.

Long or short, have nakurilis Marusya rabbits, ate from the belly dumplings, drank Apple liqueur.  And something that is sad she was. Still can not forget the oak door Yes, the fact that her left.

she Returned to the edge, the woman opened the door. Sitting on a tree stump, roars, wails:

- Oh, sick of me , technoo! How do I live-of tooooo? Why can't my soul be calm?

ran Past Alice Fox. Then she went to the crying girl pats on the head, soothes:

Mary, don't cry and.  All the tears still not vyplachesh. Well, its that door. You know, I'll tell you what, beautiful? The best thing to cheer up the girl -  it is the transformation itself. Us courses of femininity, so they say.  I won every week on beauty go. What do you think? Fluttering like a butterfly after them. Here marigolds on her face, there on the hair weave will do, then the edge aluminium. Beauty, and more! But if after the salon and even the newfangled naradar myself to buy...Mmm just yum be! Come with me, there is just in the "Forest fairy" models are required for a haircut, I have the passes for two, will share from his soul, and Fox.

Mary started. Glanced down at himself. And indeed, some mess she is. Completely ceased to look after yourself, while living in the filthy door. And now it's absolutely hands down, don't want no beauty direct. She was inspired by the words of Mrs. Fox, Yes, they went  it under the handle to the beauty salon.

And there...Ah, the miracle of a good job as a forestry masters over the Marusia!  On her head was now a mischievous wave hair, light brown strands are passed into chocolate, and the tips adorned with color "coffee with milk".  Edge graceful arch adorned the face of Marousi, strokes graft cilia  was blown by the air, naughty tattoo with cat adorned on the ankle.

" Well, shopping." winked  Alice Fox. "And go!" answered Mary and they tsokaya heels,  ran in Mesamoll.

Transformed Marusya important twentieth was walking dress on forest Avenue.

"I am the most charming and attractive. I terribly like men. They're just crazy about me. All men turn my back and look" - flashed the sacred words that whispered the Fox Marusya.

Mary saw that the animals and insects and did just that neck was folded, but the mouths in astonishment at the sight of  this beauty opened.  Worked affirmation of femininity!

But each outfit with each new pair of shoes and changed hairstyle Marusin enthusiasm somehow diminished. Long or short, but sick of the Mary off in front of the forest brethren. It is an empty exercise. Inside still longing howls.

 With such sad thoughts came upon Mary to the edge, and there... the Door is stupid, it does not move!  Out how to RASPAIL their mouth bloodthirsty, it stinks and betrays her for five meters.

Mary Sat down on a tree stump and thought. Something's not right. But what?  Why no entertainment Yes distractions do not help her? What Marusia's wrong?

Here's a pensive saw Marusya bear Gromily.

- why are You so sad, beautiful? I hurt someone, Ali? Yes I have this abuser right now, the mouth of parrrrty!

Mary only wearily showed a manicured finger at the open door and looked imploringly at Gomilica.

the bear was smart and taught crazy life (not for nothing is protected forest traders), just rides, it de behind the door and hiding offenders Marousi.  he lifted the great log and scoot disappeared into the doorway.

Day, two, three pass. No Gomilica. And Mary is sitting and waiting for him obediently on a tree stump. And then, finally...

- Well nafig your showdown, Maroussia!  There is some kind of tin is happening to me vile green creatures "Resentment" covered the Mat with the paws to the tail,  Yes, in the appendage of different curses yelled. And log my eaten by some monsters, called themselves "Regret" and almost seized upon my skin, somehow escaped. And how you lived there, such a fragile girl?

- Oh, Gromily, I don't know how I could have so many years to live.  Here and fled to a new life to begin. And she starts! Sadness, longing eats me, my strength gone already!

he Left the bear to take a bribe from their forest huckster. And left Mary alone at the edge, next to the hated door open.

Soon tale told, but no deal is done soon.

Mary is Sitting near an oak door open, wasting away from boredom its. Already cold from the wind  of vipers, the skin spots green went from the stench of the door, the eyes of tears constantly appear due to allergies to oak, all false eyelashes have fallen out, Yes, and the hair  began to come out.

Hark! Who is there comes out from behind birch trees? Yes this is a fairy Psyche!

- marusen'ka, my girl, what's wrong with you? What do you grieve?

- Ah, Psyche... I feel Sick to live in the world. Earlier behind this door lived, don't see the light. Here broke out of her thought-that now is certainly a life! But why do not I live in joy, Psikhushka. The parties go? Go.  Beauty salons point? Point. Riveting views? Chain. But thinking about loosening the door won't let me live in peace. I even have the pills began to take to at least sleep sweetly. But they don't help. So attracted to this terrible door. And how come, so just give up. I want to sit down and die near the door of this demonic!

- do Not grieve, Mary. I know what you gotta do to live happily ever after. You will be surprised, but you have to go back, to go behind the door and talk to all the monsters that live there. To deal with the vile creatures "Grievances", find out about what lament "Regret",  speak with  twin "Fault" and "Fear". Not in combat, to deal with these monsters. But to speak from the heart as I am now with you. They remained there, behind the door, and could not calm down not because they are evil, but because they wanted something from you. When you lived there, and they from you is enough to received, tortured you. Now you're hidden from them here in the forest, but they'll not want to let go. Yes, and you get used to them and do not know how to live in our glorious forest without them. Here and pulls to the door. As the saying goes, and want, and prickly.  Go girl, go talk to them.

Mary stared at the fairy.  Strange speech, she says. Yes, this can not be! So she, Mary, Yes, got used to all these abominations? Come on!  But...there was, wasn't, already tried, so wasted. What the hell?

And Mary timidly stepped behind the door.

the evening came Mary from the door of the world. Her face wandered late the smile, the eyes shimmered with happy lights, even the cheeks flushed.  Mary turned to the door, grabbed the carved handle and...locked it. Hung on the door padlock, turned it three times the key, and the key gave the psyche.

Grown-up, experienced, wise Mary and the fairy Psyche stood on the edge of the forest and looked at the closed door, on which hung the Golden plate "Gestalt".

Tale — a lie, so it hint, good fellows and ladies a lesson. Leaving the previous life, covering your Gestalt.

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