As my partnership make perfect? Appliances MAK


Request: How can I build the perfect partnership, perfect if I never got(a)?

Objective: Awareness of the fact that the idea of a perfect relationship each person has his own


  1. Clear, what man thinks is ideal for yourself
  2. to Understand the realism of the problem and correct it.
  3. Find the points of intersection between the real and the ideal relationship and start to build them.


  1. Deck the MAC to work with the relationship: “Duet”, “tandu”, “us”, “Love, the eyes of the artist”, “family values”, “family history" and others.
  2. Any story deck MAC: “Saga”, “Moreno», «Dixie» «1001" and others.
  3. Online application Tatiana Plekhanova “PSYCards” to work with Skype
  4. A4 format to work in the office
  5. a Pen and a notebook to write reflection.

figure 1


  1. Make billet two tables in order to have a clear structure: for  work offline, draw them on sheets of format A4, and online – to download the in app PSYCards (see figure 1)
  2. Select (in the open) two  from a deck of cards to work with the relationship for cells  table:  “My relationship now» and “the Perfect relationship, as I see it"(see figure 2 ) 
  3. please Look at the pictures and tell us how what's your relationship now and what kind of relationship do You consider the ideal
  4. Select (face down) one card from the story deck and place it in cell: “What prevents me to build a perfect relationship?» (see figure 2) and tell, describing a picture
  5. Select (face down) one card from the story deck and place it in cell: “That would help me build the perfect relationship?» (see figure 3 and figure 4) and tell us about it, describing the map
  6. write down Your insights in a notebook
  7. navigate back to the first deck to work with relations and select (open) “Relationships that you think are realistic» (figure 5 )
  8. It would be good to repeat all this work with a second partner or work with the couple. Then, you need to prepare two identical plates for men and women.

figure 2

In conclusion, the work answer the following questions:

- how close really of import relationship to the ideal?

- What steps will be able to bring people closer to building a perfect relationship?

- That will help you take the first step towards the relationship of your dreams?

figure 3

figure 4


This technique will help to develop your awareness and understanding of what the concept of ideal relations among people of different!


  • to Abandon perfectionism
  • to learn to understand the desires of a partner
  • be able to negotiate.

P.S. A look like an ideal relationship in your view?

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