As one can well spend a Sunday and come to love Mondays


do You love Sunday? Or start with a shudder to look forward to the next day ? Wypasanie from the warm cot and raboteau...⠀

We feel overwhelmed on Monday, because:⠀

1. Do not plan the weekend and 1 week day⠀
2. "Pour out" his energy and not Truiden her "accumulation" for the future.⠀

What to do?⠀

On Sunday, think special rituals. Ask yourself and your loved ones, what would you like to do as a family.

If you already have a family of his own, can start a tradition: today the entertainment for Sunday up with you, then the husband or the wife in a week – the son or daughter. With just beloved man, too, so can you.⠀

can: breakfasts, picnics, viewing photos, charging along, away, evening movie or Board game, etc.⠀

For free: tub, massage, lunch with friends, coffee and a croissant in the morning at a favorite bakery, going to Church, Jogging, a walk, a book and a fragrant herbal tea, yoga, etc.⠀

Monday, think of something pleasant in the morning and gradually get back to work. Gradually, I hear! Do not jump in the icy water. Better distribute the day on the little goals you will certainly be able to master. It is 100% will raise the mood.⠀

What we do in the morning Panellinskogo possible to tune in to a positive and relaxed working week⠀

- Meditation⠀
- Delicious Breakfast⠀
- Pool⠀
- Jogging⠀
- the Book⠀
- listen to the birds or your favourite music and dance⠀
And the rule - not even touch to TV, phone and computer!⠀

Use what is available, and in the afternoon buy new blocks all incoming calls which you have so long dreamed! Well, or new game console. Depending on who wants what. Think about it in the morning.⠀

by the Way, if you don't really speak much with colleagues, try, at least sometimes, to do it.

And it is desirable to communicate on abstract from the topic. ⠀

And suddenly you will like it and make friends? How to know, and if you don't try, it just won't recognize.

and, of course, eat right and go to bed no later than 23.00. And may you experience courage!

in conclusion the task for you to "the development of love and tolerance to Mondays": to come up with 100 positive things for Monday morning. To fulfill 1 item each week.

and have a Nice weekend and light of the Mondays!

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sincerely, your psychologist, Victoria Kirsta supervised over

Kirsta supervised over Victoria
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