As parents not to spoil relations with a teenager?


Adolescence is a very difficult period for both the child and the parents. The child may become uncontrollable, irritable or aggressive, but very sensitive and vulnerable. Therefore, parents should try not to spoil relations with their adolescent child.

what is puberty?

From 12 to 18 years there has been rapid development. Yesterday, the child gradually becomes for adults. And although surviving the crisis is difficult, it is necessary for the teenager became a Mature person has learned to cope with difficulties, build relationships.

How exactly is changing a baby at this time? Here are the basic signs of early puberty:

  • frequent change of mood is due to sudden surge of hormones the child moves from joy to sadness, from anxiety to calm;
  • dissatisfaction with appearance — small eyes, protruding ears can cause a lot of experiences;
  • unusual things a teenager wants to show others their originality and exclusivity;
  • closed — the teenager is not willing to share their experiences with their parents.

In General, the child is changing and the task of parents is to understand that it becomes for adults and support.

How to maintain a normal relationship?

during this period, the teenager difficult to understand. After all, it provokes scandals, weird, attracts the attention of sometimes very original way, such as dying her hair red or is doing the piercing.

of Course, parents don't understand their child, and relationships gradually deteriorate. But in this age of parental concern relevant as ever. Because the child only thinks of himself for adults, however, he is not able to behave in different situations.

what to do to parents not to spoil relations with your child? Here are a few effective tips:

  • respect the personal space of the teenager is very important sometimes to be alone, to have your own personal things that nobody touches it;
  • maintain self — esteem- Teens become overly self-critical, so the need to frequently praise the child, to create conditions for committing acts that he will be proud of;
  • conversation, and not blame — it is better to hear the opinion of a teenager and find a compromise, and not to abuse and force;
  • allow to make mistakes — but first it is necessary to warn about the consequences.

And: Teens also need love and affection. But it is necessary to find the right time, because the child is not always ready to embrace, though, and needs them.

Akhmadullina Diana
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