As parents prevent children to grow up

the Child will be able to feel reliance on yourself when you let him out of my womb. The child will begin to look for a ground of their own decisions, mistakes, gaining experience, when the soil will no longer be you.

of Course, it will have to shift your focus from your child to the world around them, and what will you find? You stayed true to your dreams, interests? How strong is the bond of love and respect for your husband?

If you want your child growing up, so you need to allow him to do without you. But how to leave, for example, the husband for an hour, and to leave with friends in a cafe? After all, you still do, and my husband doesn't know how to be a good dad in your eyes. And the truth is that he is not willing to take the initiative in communicating with the child, it was originally a ban from you or accusations that his actions are not correct. But it is very important to delegate your business on the upbringing of children by their dad. We have not been taught to be parents. And the question of what is good and what is bad at parenting, you can find the answers, discussing with each other. Yeah, talking with my husband about my feelings, problems in the education of children, not to take on their own shoulders sacrificial: "I am the mother, do it yourself".

And what if the husband agrees to stay and play with your child, and you just don't know what then to do? And this fear of inner emptiness will again you push into the children's arms. Communication with the child will become so strong that it erased boundaries. Then in the children's understanding of the independence, feeling their needs will be comparable to the rejection of the love of his mother.

that's Why children so unbearably difficult to adapt to kindergarten, school, to their own autonomy. Meeting such a challenge, you can start with, that will answer the question: "Who am I, where will be, if you cease to be just a mom?". Don't postpone an honest recognition that your life is so, but it certainly can be otherwise. That is your choice changes or steps in place. To change means to act, to exert ourselves, to feel pain, but scrambling forward. Is it necessary? Yes, if you value the knowledge that your child is able to become a happy, confident and successful. Not by you, just by being with you, but with himself.

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