As parents to fail to teach a son to do at home


When a girl is born, most parents is clear: it is weak, it is necessary to take care of and protect.
So they do - they take the girl by the hand and lead her through life.

When a boy is born, the first thing he demands - independence; for parents it is clear that the concept of "boy" and "independence" are somewhere near; and from time to time give autonomy to the boy.

As a boy deal with that yourself? Silly, childish, and because of the years he... say, four. But now he knows that the navel of the earth, has the right and may require.

from time to Time parents forget to tell the heir that the rights are neck and neck with responsibilities.
And duty are painful, do not give the butterflies flutter, and break their wings. I'm talking about chores such as washing dishes.

moms a big heart and weak nerves - seeing young son, suffering on the way to the sink, they should quickly wash the dishes themselves, than to endure it.
Some moms are saying, "This is intolerable".

the Boys learn the strategy: in order to do nothing, you should a) complain, b) to do bad.

you Can also just give up. But to give up not just mom's (this is punishment) for something will still insist on washing the dishes, to tear off from the computer and demand the impossible.

So the best way is still a) whining, b) is a bad thing.
Then there is a chance that the mother will wave his hand and will take good care to involve the heir to the domestic work.

Working strategy boys experience in other areas of life. For example, in the study.

Sometimes that can interfere with the Pope, and the word of man. But the probability is small, because if the Pope intervened just now (and how old is the son?), and the Pope is no opportunity (time, effort) to monitor homework son, he will hear from his son what he had not washed the dishes because
there was no time (all day)
- sore throat (and bothered to wash the dishes)
- he forgot (+ honest eyes)
- mom's soap, he said to leave him, but she didn't leave (it's a shame, huh?)
- he was just going, and the dishes disappeared, and now it's time to sleep,, tomorrow he will wash, please
- etc.

Posledyushej a few days for this tedious process opravdannym dad, as mum gets tired and stops the drag.

Can be true parents to stop harassing the boy. What's the point to press, if independent son (six years old) NOT LISTENING instructions?

Mike Tyson writes that in the age of 14, when he spent days and nights training, and in between I read biographies of boxers, searched out their training and have implemented in my life, watched movies about boxers and fights, he also did not want to help around the house.

But he listened to his Mentor cus D'amato.

And for Casa "obedience" was not to say he meant by obedience konkretnye action.

When Cass called Mohammed Ali, and before giving the phone to Mike, he asked:

" With me as a young black male. He's just a boy, but he is the world champion in heavy weight. His name is Mike Tyson. Please, for my sake talk to him, Mohammed. I want you commanded him to obey me."
Ruthless truth / Mike Tyson ; [transl. from eng. A. B. Movchan]. - Moscow : Publishing House "A," 2017. - S. 58

Due to the fact that Mike listened to cus D'amato, he became the youngest world champion in the heavyweight division (20 years, 144 days); the youngest undisputed world champion in heavy weight (21); first and only undisputed champion, which has won three major title one by one, and so on.

But that said, the cus D'amato Mike Tyson about homework:

"Camilla stood for something so the boys helped on the farm. I hated chores around the house, because it was focused only on Boxing. One day, Cass came to me:
- you Know, Camille really wants you to help in the household. Personally I don't care if you help or not, but you should do chores around the house for the reason that it will make you a better boxer.
- how is the trash going to make me a better boxer? - I smiled.
- to Do something that you don't like it like you love it, is a good conditioning for someone who aspires to greatness.
After that, Camille never had to remind me about the Affairs at home."
Ruthless truth / Mike Tyson ; [transl. from eng. A. B. Movchan]. - Moscow : Publishing House "A," 2017. - p. 56-57

Output 1: If the boy refuses to help around the house, mom and dad for it is not the Mentors (with capital letters), he's not used to listen to them (and even more, to do so, they bid) and hardened character he knows nothing.

Output 2: Likely, a series of world records this boy does not Shine.

Nadezhda Vladimirovna
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