As parents to talk to other people about my "special" child?


it seems to Me that one of the main problems in the life of a mom of a special child is a society that likes to dictate its own laws.
How many calls you receive in life is when my mom comes to the Playground, or come to the children's clinic.
Start the sighs, the regret, too many questions, and mom starts to strain to get angry. 
And so difficult, and there are still people with their advice and sighs.
This problem need to be solved otherwise there is a risk to be "pinned" a pile of other people's opinions and unwanted advice.
And it can lead to psychological difficulties.
so, don't let start talking to moms on the Playground or in other places. Break off in mid-sentence.
don't be afraid to tell people because you are not afraid to hurt.
And besides, you are defending its borders. Without rudeness, aggression, you simply report that you are not ready to support this conversation. 
do Not spend a lot of effort and energy on this situation. 
If you told people once the more often they'll hear you and next time will behave differently.
You don't want to hear conversations about your child means you have the right to stop them.
Tell yourself: I have the right to deny people and have the right to stop the unpleasant conversation.

If You allow people to give you advice, talk about your child, and they eventually will do it consistently. After all, your "special baby" can be a cause and consequence of long conversations on the Playground.

People love is sometimes a painful blow and say something from the category of "Why you have left your child in the hospital?" or "What predictions you give the doctor, probably all really bad, etc.

Tell me that you do not discuss these topics is a topic only you and your family. 

Dear parents, please keep your nervous system and do not engage in serious conversations.
Not be a page that wants to please everyone. Why would you do that? 
Think primarily about themselves and their child. 
Learn to say no in unpleasant situations for you and then you will begin to feel much more comfortable! 

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a Psychologist for parents of children with special needs Ksenia Polonskaya.

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