As reach its goal


One of the main causes of apathy is a lack of purpose in life. When you do not aspire to, coming collapse, consciousness sinks into the sleepy state. And on the contrary when there is a desire to achieve something, the energy of the intentions aktiviziruyutsya, and vitality is increased.

Without a goal and the existence aimless, amorphous. For the beginning of the end, you can get yourself an occupation. That can bring you self esteem and satisfaction? There are many ways to improve the appearance, intelligence, physical form, etc. you Can set a goal to achieve improvement in any one or several aspects. You know better what will bring satisfaction. Then the taste of life will appear, and everything else will be adjusted automatically. Your goal is what will turn your life into a celebration. To wrestle with that is to try to "calculate" their goal in a logical way useless.

the Solution is to come of itself, in unity of mind and soul, when the soul sings, and the mind will begin, with satisfaction, rubbing their hands. To this solution is all you need systematically to twist in thoughts a slide of your goal and watch the reality. At some point you will see no where out of nowhere the door opens that will lead you to the feast . Enter these doors and then twist the slide of your goal and watch again. Get used to the reality of the feast and he will always be with You.

You have experienced suffering when he presented himself without a purpose? This argues in favor that the goal can really be yours. If the soul thus wildly to resent and resist, then the goal most likely your. And if you experience relief is also understandable. Generally, discomfort from the thought that it is difficult to implement, is normal. You need not to think, and to do a specific job - to twist a target slide. When will the doors, it will be time to draw conclusions: a feasible dream or not.

If the goal is really yours, no doubt will not be simple. At first the feelings may manifest some mental stiffness (shyness), "is this all me, do I deserve this(a) did I marry?" Stiffness eliminates the target slide. Gradually, you will be able to get used to a new way. Don't be shy . Of course you elect, if elected itself. Because first you elect themselves, and only then, and only under this condition, you.

Ilgiz Khairullin
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