As respect for the mother affects the finances of her daughter.


In recent years, often reclaimed at the clients that is the subject of money.
this time I want to re-share one of the classic variants, which in one form or another is found among many.
so. Case real client. (Published with permission, all matches with your personal stories please considered a coincidence)

In the process of therapy, in search of the reasons that hinders financial prosperity, decided to explore the image of "rich woman." And unconscious client exclusively painted a terrible picture: a hypothetical rich woman turned out to be harmful, plump legs, with a tuft on the head, rude and nagging... the Client also wanted to be completely different, she even remembered that as a child decided not to grow up and be a "girl" so as not to become such a woman. As they say, CONSCIOUSLY, a woman may want money, but if unconscious, the image of riches was imprinted as something disgusting, then of course it will sabotage the flow of finances in real life. The client, as you can see, there was a conviction "rich=adult" "Mature=nasty and not feminine".
of Course this bundle we broke off and turned on the search for new examples that would be liked. Nevertheless, when they started out, where did this nasty way, it turned out that it was... And really didn't want to be like her. And a way not to be like unconscious girls chose the easiest to grow and to earn and to stay little, cute, young, light...
That's so moms and dads... If you want your children to succeed - be an example for them admiration, not disgust-inducing example... so go to the store for normal clothing, to diet and subscription to the club.
And the children are afraid to grow, not to become like you...

of Course, the children also need to have your head on your shoulders. And of course there are psychologists that help to cope with this outrage and begin to finally live my life.

And yet... the Example clearly shows that it is impossible to teach a child something good, if you are not a role model. But to turn away from something good - easily. br>
Elena Nagaeva

Elena Nagaeva
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