As many scientists that regular Jogging, protect from various diseases and strengthen the muscles of the body, slowing the aging process.

Alas, we sometimes forget that our thoughts and emotions, not run by the emanation of transcendental, and normal saline, colloid body, the brain.

When running, the body aktiviziruyutsya important and complex process, such as neurogenesis. If in General, simplistic labeling, neurogenesis is a complex process, which roughly speaking is associated with tumor cells in the network of neuron. That is, if even briefly, this process is responsible for the content and development of brain cells.

And thanks to the run, there is a certain stimulation of this process.

In various studies, there is even a specific test for the study of the functions of the brain is called the ‘Stroop effect". And it has been proven that even a short run of about two kilometers, significantly improves the reading of this test.

And if the person is using the permanent running, that because of this, there is a certain stimulation in the hippocampus and the formation of new cells, and are responsible for our higher mental functions -  memory, attention, thinking.

Another point, many people like to take anti-depressants, with or without cause. And running really is a very powerful natural antidepressant.

As we know that the principle of operation of antidepressants is the blocking of reverse takeovers neurotransmitters, our pleasure hormone serotonin.

If there is too high concentration of the hormone serotonin, the body begins to remove excess and to destroy, that leads to depression if the essence. And to boost the production of serotonin, antidepressants are starting to block these processes and the content of neurotransmitters is increased.

Running here is doing the same thing, but without chemistry and a variety of side effects.

I Have for example after a run there is always a slight feeling of euphoria, it is what is called “runner” like a state of mild intoxication))) I want to scream and shout, probably, just it happens))

So start running right now, with me, it's a very cool thing))) thing to feel in this matter is fun, and not an external necessity and then everything will be OK)

And I run it every day overcoming yourself)))

And I'm going for another jog)))

And how do you overcome yourself?)

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