If you're thinking about implementing a major project, for example, to rearrange the furniture at home or to organize the work of the new Department in the office, the inspiration to implement the plans you can search in Russian folk tales. Metaphorical maps, of course.

Remember the tale of the turnip and begin. Turnip – the project itself, tempting, promising. And usually big, easy to handle, pull-pull, pull can not. Let's pick a card, face up, the one that best captures the essence of the case, and think about what is important to you in this project than it is valuable in ches its value? For what you want to implement it?

And we will continue to get cards. Dedkov – it's about you, about your dreams, fears and hopes associated with the production of turnips. What you want in this situation and what are they afraid of? What can go wrong?

Grandma – experience, skill, skills. Maybe the ones you now not use, but if need be, can easily remember. What from your past experience and skills will help in the implementation of the project?

Granddaughter, energy, activity, willingness to learn, to seek resources around. What should I learn, what new skills to learn?

Bug – a loyal friend and ally, ready to help, advise and support in your endeavours. From whom from your group you want support, what specific assistance you expect from them?

Cat resource condition and mood, which will help move towards the goal. What is your condition will help you to implement this plan? That will help to be in a resourceful state?

Mouse – something small but valuable. At first glance, it has little strength and it is not a key player, but it ensures the success of the event. Secrets, of props, that brings the system into motion, when all other resources have already been found. What else you need to succeed?

so, mouse over the cat, the cat for the bug, bug for the granddaughter, the granddaughter for the grandma, the grandma for Dedkov, Dedkov for turnip. Pull-pull-pulled the turnip!

Or implemented the project.

Fomicheva Tatyana
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