As samoobsluzhivanie and samopredatelstvom settle in the body.

these are two bad habits that deprive of strength, power and impede development. They are not formed overnight, of course. Methodically nurtured and secured about this scheme.

Mom (or dad): "Yes, well, you have me for a child so unlucky! You have all in one place! Nothing I can do!"

Child (boy or girl): (no Words. There are olushola inner emptiness, and you hear wither the last crumb of self-awareness... the Body is bent a little hook in the desperate hope to condense and to feel somewhere in the depths alive and normal, worthy of love.)

Mother: "Woe to you my onion! How do you continue to live is going?! Well you'd be lost without me! Look, look at you!"

the Child: (Idea! I think mom sees me... I'm weak helpless, I will ask my mom to do something for me or just lie back exhausted. Then she will help me.)

Mom: "you First think about me! Here you are walking for pleasure, and I'm nearly out of my mind! Will bring the mother to a heart attack its entertainment!"

the Child: (Mother is more important to me, she cares about me and I hurt so much doing it! I'm not worthy of respect and love, if the mother so bad! I will do everything that mom was right!)

the Child grew. Got a job, married, had their children"

Head: "You have not completed the task, lose the prize!"

Grown-up child: "I know I'm to blame! I am ashamed that I have failed you! This is the right punishment!" (And in the body all the same ringing emptiness outside the body gruzneet and gets fat, to ground this inner weightlessness and at least visually push the boundaries. Suddenly, they notice!)

Wife: "I want a vacation! We will fly to Turkey for two weeks!"

Grown child: "I would like to a mountain hike, without a family. But I'll buy the tickets in Turkey. Family is more important. The main thing that the wife did not swear... and then I'm left alone nobody needs..." (In the body ritmichno heart gurgles, gasps in the nightly apnea and choking cough unspoken discontent, sore feet fear to take a step in the wrong direction and to mess it up again).

Zelenkova Sophia
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