What do we know about the introverts? Around them there are many myths: for example that they are strange, arrogant, rude, hermits. All these myths are only the interpretation of external manifestations. The fact that an introvert simply can't adequately Express their emotions. Here you need to consider that the introverted, shy, focuses on the inner world, and has difficulties in establishing contacts with others.

the introvert in life, there are at least three ways:

1. To stay in his "egg" and try to feed these myths, in no way explaining to others their characteristics and their unwillingness to communicate with them.

2. On the second path from the introvert will need some effort in order to build their personal boundaries. Ie you need to actively explain to others their personal characteristics. This way allows you to stay inside still an introvert, but get less attention from others, because they will know what your features.

3. The third way is to "build-up" qualities of extroversion, i.e. the development of communicativeness and spontaneity in communication, because each of us has the qualities of both introvert and extrovert.

According to the 2012 study, which was published in the edition "Journal of Personality", introverts who act like extroverts subjectively rate themselves happier.

the introvert "build" quality is extroverted?

For starters, you can begin to pay more attention to their loved ones, to communicate more with them, more interested in their life. This will contribute to the development of communicativeness.

Gradually increase the number of contacts, try to be direct in communication and especially do not reflect what is happening in the communication.

Do something spontaneous: make a path from work to home, take the initiative to meet up with friends, spontaneously going to the cinema or to the theatre. This allows to obtain more pleasure from routine and bring more joy.

Choosing your path guided by your inner feelings. If you are comfortable in your egg and the world are not particularly bother you, then everything is fine. But if you all the same do not feel comfortable, then it is time to change. But always remember that you are doing this primarily for myself, not for the world.

Erokhina Tatiana
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