the cause is not so much client-side event

the Night from 21 to 22 June 1941 from the position of arrangement, or even Constellation Saga

How, here is a fact:

Grandson Dylan was born today, June 22, at exactly 4 hours

Savkina mother, Genia, sent me a Facebook photo of a baby. And I involuntarily began to look at the baby face features brother.

Twelve-year-old brother named me Natasha, in honor of classmates.

my Mother thought Kate and dad Olga. And the wolf said, "She's Natasha!"

it stopped.

I Wonder what would I, as Catherine, or Olga?

As the name of the person who creates the script of relations with him?

If the name is associated with friends, to a stranger, another man appears confidence. If the name of a loved one, there arises a projection.

I Tell another client's case (names changed)

nick graduated from medical school and worked for many years a member physician under the supervision of the head of the Department Galina Nikolaevna.

the Guy was in love with the boss, which is older than fifteen years.

Galina Nikolaevna married to an academician, who is older than his wife for many years.

One day, in the night shift between colleagues occurred intimacy.

For Galina, it is an ordinary situation, and If event!

nick married a nurse Ola.Olya and Kolya's daughter. Despite the protest of his wife, nick named the girl....

Right: Galina Nikolaevna!

the Tick is already thirty-something. Of course, she graduated from medical school. Father broke up the knights daughters and set a curfew: be home no later than 22.00.

Galya tired of living "under the hood Pope," and fled to a safe place and medical representatives.

Nicholas began heart attacks.

Olga, being a "decent mother", at the same time wishes her daughter good and quiet hates Gale as a rival.

There is a typical triangulation. The Pope has created a personal and Galina!

Bermuda triangle of the triangulation

Galina - my client. She is studying sustainable to resist parental manipulation

Separation is given her hard, but she felt like a young Tick, not the heroine of retro film Galina Nikolaevna.

Now she's free she had prospects to achieve personal happiness.

I respect the medical profession! The representatives of this profession saved my life!

Only, Galina has its own destiny and if she wants to sell medical equipment, so it is better for her here and now.

PS what sort of stories. associated with names you've had: in life or in practice?

Online course "fundamentals of constellation methods in Skype-business"

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Natalia Filimonova
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