As the role of women, wives and mothers of killed you in a unique personality!


as long as you separate the male and female roles, you are unconscious. You unknowingly until you identify yourself with the role of a parent, boss, Professor, daughter, mother, wife, actress, doctor and so on. We are talking about the identification with the role, when you, for example, head to work, come wash and forget to get out of the role. Here is what identification with a role will be discussed. Or your kids are grown and you argue: "agimat"!

Mindfulness - a way out of any role. Identification with the role - locking himself in the frame. If you are identified with the role of parent, you can do serious harm to your child, especially when he starts to grow up and stop needing you as a parent. If you are identified with the role of parent, your life can collapse as soon as your child leaves you, becoming for adults. If you identified with the role of the wife, you "closes" itself into the framework: "the wife should", you close your partner in the frame: "man should" and both become unhappy, instead of just loving each other as two unique individuals. You have a lot of claims to man as role men and as the role of women, but in this game the scenario roles lost feelings.

Then you love not the person but the role and functions of this role. Moreover, if you identify yourself with the role of the wife, you can get in trouble and to get married to anybody, because in fact it is important for you to be a wife and not a person. In this case, your identity will be oppressed by the role of wife.

to Be conscious is to abandon any role. To be conscious is to not live within the roles, but simply to be in contact with others and nothing to demand or expect. Isn't that what you want to be in a relationship and still be free? So who invented this game? Who replaced love for the role?

This story began in your childhood, when mom and dad had played the roles of mom and dad. The role of cutting off from the human soul, feelings and first love. And mom and dad, playing these roles, often forgot, and forget that you live and that you have feelings in response to their words and actions. The role deprives a person of empathy and sympathy, because it is just a role and this role can be played by anyone.

Why are there so many divorces? Because we're not looking for personality in a partner, and role. And if an actor plays a role, not your script, but in its own way, it can be easily replaced by another actor - just go to the Registrar and to strike the printing of passports, to fire that artist with the role of husband and hire another. The scenery and actors change, but the scenario is the same in which you try to drive yourself and your partner. And what is this script? The one that was imposed on you by your parents, it's their scenario of relations between the two roles, men and women.

Now look at the role of parent again. If you identified with this role, as only in this world will come child, your child, you will begin to teach him as if you are the boss and he is subordinate. But who told you that the parent is the one who teaches. Parent, on the contrary learns to be sincere, honest, open, spontaneous, when into his life comes a baby. The child teaches the parent to discover the joy, creativity and pleasure that is available only to the child. The child is able to live, because he is in any situation will find something to enjoy. But you forgot how to do it. So where you got the idea that you should teach the child to live? But you identificeres with the role of parent, raise hell, and myself and the child, "You should have, but it's not good enough, you can do better, and look out as the neighborhood Petenka it does, and I did very well, and you...".

Everything! From this point, you, the parent, make the child miserable and closes him as a helpless child for years to come. And as soon as he gives birth to his child, he will take vengeance on him, he wants to play a major role in the play and identificireba with the role of the principal in the relationship with the child, because by your grace in my life he never managed to achieve. Play the role of a parent is to steal happiness from themselves and from their offspring. Or maybe it's he, your child, come to teach you to live, to remember who you really are without a role?

And again back to the question of gender. To play the role of woman, wife, men, husband nobody has managed quite well. Rehearsed the play once broken in that moment, when the soul asks of cells role free. Hence the scandals, claims of infidelity, divorce. Because the role imposes limits and you live forcing ourselves to these frameworks. You cook the soup, when falling down, for my husband, because you are in the role of wife. He brings himself to stroke, trying to keep you and the children because he's the husband. The role is violence and it's someone else's life, not yours, it is you directing primitive primitive man. And this scenario is mindlessly passed on from generation to generation, thus compounding the suffering of humanity.

the Role is necessary only unconscious people. Conscious enough that their soul is unique and free. A conscious to do what he wants, unconsciously force yourself to the role and makes that happy. So how do you answer the question: "Who are you?" in addition, as we know - "mom, dad, wife, husband, child, parent, scientist, tractor driver, salesman..."?

Discarding the role of all remember who you really are. There are unique you! There is no one on this earth! Discover yourself beyond the roles - that's what it means to become a conscious and Mature. Relationships are possible just from love and not from roles.

(C) Julia Lotonenko

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