As usual walk to use for psychological relief?


Psychological relief – it is a necessity. And special attention is paid in many large companies. For psychological relief there is special space. And  in it, the employee is resting, relaxing, recuperating. But psychological unloading is necessary not only to employees of large companies. And if you still don't have this space, you can create it. For example, with daily walks. The place and time you choose.

Walk – in itself the occupation a pleasant and unloading. Three uses in one lesson: keeping the body in shape, emotional discharge, and improved mood.

give yourself 30-40 minutes for daily walks. For psychological relief is not that important, and how much time you walk. More important-how you do it.

Purpose – to walk with maximum awareness. Yes, meditation – this is not necessarily sitting in the Lotus position. This may be a conscious eating, conscious movement, conscious observation, listening, feeling. Awareness - this means that your attention is present ‘here and now”, in the present moment.

Concentrate on the sensations in the body that occur during walking. Pay attention to the muscles, to stop contact with the ground.

Notice the pictures that replace one another. Note what and who you meet along the way. Notice buildings, people, trees, animals, birds. Note the shape and color of each appeared in the field of view of the subject. Pay attention to people's faces, their gait, clothing, habits of animals, their reactions. Consider the houses which will meet at Poti. 


Listen to the sounds. The hum of machinery, people talking, birdsong.

Catch a breath of wind, drop of rain, cool or warm. You walk holding hands with your loved ones? Can you feel it. Enjoy the feeling of warmth and contact of his hands.

Experience the smells of flowers, fresh grass, frosty mornings or autumn foliage.

Your attention can dissipate. It can slip behind the thoughts, plans, fantasies. This is normal. While we live, thinking works. Even in his sleep. In an altered state of consciousness, in images, in dreams. Noticed that I was distracted thinking? Great! Just check this myself. Without criticism and evaluation. And again turn the attention to the present moment, the sensations, the sights, sounds, smells.

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