the Script is a plan for our life with important events, climax and denouement. The main provisions of which "are written" up to 6 years of age in accordance with the decisions of the child, the requirements (restrictions) and concretestone parents.

Requirements are passed to the child is non-verbal and not direct instructions – this includes facial expressions, gestures, double message. I really like the comparison of known transactional analyst Claude Steiner the influence of parents on the child with the good or evil wizards. Good wizards pass on the message to be good, strong, intelligent, healthy, etc. the transmission Mechanism - the child smiles, kisses, approval, support and acceptance. Evil wizards send out messages not to live, not to be healthy, not to think, etc., but as to the benefit of the child. These messages are transmitted when the parents do not smile to a child, rude to him, a lot of restrict and condemn, criticize, make physical/emotional abuse.

If the parents are evil wizards to stay alive and get a little love of a child must adapt to their requirements, giving up their rights and aspirations. This process and generates a script called solution. Scenario solution – change the child their expectations in line with reality. In childhood it facilitates life, but in adulthood brings suffering.

K. Strainer identifies three main types of life scenario: the "Without love", "Without joy", "crazy". Scenario "Without love" - is the lack of a relationship, love that leads to depression and even suicide. "Without joy" - the addiction to drugs (this includes coffee, nicotine, intake of sedative drugs), use of chemicals to achieve bodily comfort. Adult "protect" children from the feeling of physicality. As a result, many do not understand that they feel their body is "alienated" from the head, they do not have their physical self, their lives are bleak. The scenario "Without mind" - is fear of going crazy, feelings of helplessness, laziness, carelessness.

However, with the help of therapy, everyone has the chance to overcome parental restrictions and regulations, and change the bounding scenario solution.

Usova Anna
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