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How we ourselves betray...
a Thousand times, working with women and men were convinced that the human body was remembering every fear, every betrayal.
And in relationships, it is not strange that we often give ourselves.
Feelings are devalued, sex is something impersonal, separate from love, and the body is transformed into a tool. Unfortunately, many psychologists actively encourage it.

What is happening in this moment with the body on more subtle levels?

Everyone is free to live well as he wants and everyone has their own principles and standards.
But when we are working with the man of his relationship
open the layers go in depth, one begins to understand where and when he cheated, or betrayed themselves. There is a proverb: "money can't buy Happiness, but crying in a Mercedes is easier than on a Bicycle." Sounds logical, but

try to tell your body and your soul. On a conscious level, people find a thousand arguments in favor of this approach to life. But the unconscious, there is a deep, personal conflict.

How, then, to hear the voice of himself in any situation?

Listen to your inner parts: to mind, to heart, to the body. What do they say? If they are in agreement, then you have no separation, if they are not in unity, then you have an internal conflict. Only after it, you can make an informed, Mature decision about your life.

Often with the person provoke strong emotional energy, positive or negative. Any destructive relation to themselves and the world becomes a powerful anchor that pulls us down.

the anchor accompanies us into the next relationship. And how many anchor person collects in a lifetime. Few people think about it. br>

come To me, wanting to understand the relationship to keep the family together, find love, etc. always, if a person really wants to change, responsible and deeply works, we come to the goal through the study of the old (forgotten and repressed) emotional, physical "Anchors".

P.S. is There something that you still are unable to accept in a relationship? Something that prevents you from moving forward? Write, try to understand.

P. p. S. is a Small motivational video from India - for women: "do Not betray yourself." Men will be an interesting movie on my page "Why man lover".

Obraztsova Tatiana
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