Please note, as pedestrians cross the street on the Zebra crossing:

People are very different – some fun trying to accelerate, going to step on a clumsy polybag, as if Jogging start running, but not fast, and only pretending to run, rush, all kind of showing that they run, trying with all his strength. Why?

I thought it was strange, and I understand the reasons. br>
All noted that on the road it is uncomfortable, this is considered to be a dangerous place, where better for a long time not to linger on the sidewalk is safer, and they are right of course. br>
But what is interesting – overcoming of protection and great resistance to many runners confessed – uncomfortable that I inconvenience the drivers coming in and made them stop for me (who am I anyway?!)

So say – so no brakes for me, some completely stop, people hurry about their business, their plans, objectives, and here I go in the transition, preventing the street, the city, the world... (how dare I create other interference!?)

And this their polybag – an attempt to "apologize" for the inconvenience, smooth out the misunderstanding, to reduce the delay time. Type, see, I run-run, do not judge harshly, try less inconvenience you to deliver, that's already skipping... the Most amazing thing are the majority. br>
the guilt for the fact that they live in. br>
Although everyone knows – this "Zebra" I can move at any speed: with suitcases, on crutches, with a buggy or five of us holding hands. This is how I Want how I want. the
That right I have to apologize I didn't – I go for bread, or to save the world – there is no difference. I can just go Jogging or relaxed, it is only My business and if by doing what I need, I think first of all about the discomfort of others – it is a question of personal boundaries and the Right to life. br>
WE LIVE AS cross the STREET:

Or recognize the right to own desires, plans, personal characteristics, or hiding and trying not to inconvenience others, and I hide away.

"I can't safely cross the street if I'm disturbing others" is from the series:
I can not take this job if I will pass/move other candidates.

I have no right to be in a happy relationship with the perfect husband (wife), (s) he deserve the best.

I do not have the right to want good conditions of life because it has achieved nothing.

I'm not allowed to be yourself, first you need to be somebody, to do something.

I do, but only if I will not condemn, do not criticize.

This dream out of my League, because there are more active/successful/educated the more likely they will achieve it.

Nothing that I live here, so insignificant and worthless? Interfering with your great works... you forgive me

Your deeds, desires, goals are Much more important than mine – so I try not to disturb anyone, you'll have to bear with me, please!

And horrible discomfort in the summer to sunbathe on the beach, because for me someone less sun will get, and maybe not enough!

Do I have the right to live only if discreet and not bothering anyone.

No. This is the real belief of thousands of people.

So we recognize that we do not respect ourselves and do not have the right to realize their potential, to get out of life what we want and be yourself. Others here may have a right, and I... and then a long chain of sophisticated excuses.
Similar beliefs we would be doing the group about Personal boundaries 20-21 October

and of course, as a result, You will learn how to safely cross the street at the Zebra crossing.

Oleg Leonidov
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