For my friends and colleagues it is no secret that the last time I work a lot with people who are in the process of career transition. A couple of weeks ago I wanted to learn more about him - not through books and personal meetings, as usual, and using a short questionnaire (how did I miss the studies). To my surprise want to take the survey were very much - by the end of the day I already had about 30 completed questionnaires. And want still continue to write to me.

the Results were much more interesting than I thought.

  • what the most dissatisfied respondents in the current workplace wages and a large amount of stress at work. The third place schedule. And only on the fourth - the lack of interest in the field. Do want to note that the subject of money was mentioned very often - sometimes even more often than the theme of pleasure from work. Sad display of economic situation in the country.
  • it is Curious that the biggest challenge in the transition process create internal factors - lack of understanding of what I really want and self-doubt. Therefore, one of the most important points of work with a career crisis is to learn to understand their own needs and work with self-esteem. Thanks to the results helped me to gather practical experience in the bunch.)
  • Hold at the current place in the main Finance. Yes, that's right - the same wages, which the respondents complain. Sound, for example, phrases such as “any money”, “little, but steadily”, “not enough, but can plan”.
  • Scare in this career transition more than just two pieces: that may not happen and may not like. And then I also resonated - the fear of failure is very typical of our society, and in tandem with economic instability and did create a combustible mixture.
  • But it helps to cope with the crisis almost unanimously in support of others - someone's friends, someone's partner, someone's parent. Someone is a big part of support received from the therapist.
  • that could help, but no/not enough in the life of the respondents is, again, financial stability and support. And that last paragraph almost sounds like a summary for the entire questionnaire.

If you podamirowo - in a situation of career transition, we really are between two fires. One part of us longs for “a little, without pleasure, but steadily”, and other “labor of love, free schedule and work”. Separate surprise for me was the importance of the topic of money. I mean, no, I wasn't trying to diminish their importance, just didn't expect it to be so big. And talking we have about them is not accepted. So it was decided - wait for the next survey on the topic of money. ;)

And Yes, if you too are in the process of changing profession and you just don't have enough support, then sign up to my psihoterapevticheskie group “to Change the profession in the 30”. It is just right for you.

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