Balahonsky G. V.

As we realize our hidden desires?
Yes, my dear readers, we have desires. the
Only some of the desires we understand, and can talk about them out loud. Or at least know what they are.
And there are other desires. We do not know. And maybe even be surprised if we will tell about them. Maybe even going to deny.
But are we so that they, hidden desires, and fulfilled.
And in words we'll fight for it, so I must watch those first, desire. Maybe we even suffer from the fact that these deklamiruya our desires can somehow not achieved.
this "and the small chest simply opened" for these conscious and hiding the declared desires of others. They directly contradict.
all our behavior is based we the same way, to pass just hidden desires. the
Because at least the suffering on the surface we don't like... Because it's real suffering...
But this suffering may be hiding something valuable for us. Is that even themselves do not admit. But beneficial to us for some reason.
And these sufferings that we cause no nesbyvshiesya our expressed desire, I do not take quotation marks.
They are really suffering. No one pretends to be.
for example, a fairly typical situation.
Girl (collective image, let's call it, say, Ira) complains that she has no relations with the opposite sex. I want to build a family, and all come across some not so men.  With whom nothing good is happening and nothing is being built.
Begin to understand. And quietly come to ensure that the internal model of the family she has built on the example of her parents ' family.
Well, it usually is - parent family is the cornerstone for any person. Really like it in the future transformirovalsya in their own relationships, it is a separate issue. But the print always imposes.
And, for example, Irinej parents relationship was difficult. Ira was involved in their dismantling. That is, the parents instead of to solve their relationship problems with each other, I created a triangle with the Ira.
That's just a classic example of the so-called triangulation.
It literally when parents use the child as a tool to manipulate her husband.
the Child is torn between mom and dad. Which he loves both, but put in that position of choosing between mom and dad.
needless to say, the situation for child traumatic...
Well, after watching all of this and, most importantly, newcastlewest in full, the Ira inside (unconsciously) decided that she does not want to.
And so on a conscious level Ira wants a family and children, and on the unconscious fears this like the plague.  
And now, it may seem strange to come across it all the time some wrong men. Suitable and she did not even look. She does not see them at close range. Falls entirely in such with whom a family does not build. And of course, this drama every time. All the feelings because the most that neither is true.
what is actually happening? And in fact, Irina is being torn by internal contradictions. Or as they call it - the internal conflict. Between the obvious desire and hidden desire. To build a family and to avoid at all cost.
And if you desire clear, they are quite clear. They can be clearly articulated and meaningful.
But they have a heavy counterweight to fear. Fear that the performance of these explicit desires will lead to the very disaster which has had to go through in my childhood.
Only this contrast is often not recognized. But it still works!
And a hidden desire - this fear to avoid. And therefore no family!
And side sheer bewilderment - why not relations? Because like they're so desirable! This men all around some wrong!
This, dear readers, only one of the many options, why is it that we seem very desirable, does not work. 
Therefore, in such cases it is necessary to look, what stops you? 
And very often interferes with that apparent desire is hidden. The opposite. 
Here we implement their actions. Yes, often really, and not realizing it.
How can there be a solution? 
And the output like this - recognize, to understand what we really get when our clear desire is not fulfilled?
Some other desire achieved in this way?
What is the hidden benefit from the fulfillment of our desires? What buns and preferences? They're always there, as if it did not sound seditious.
these benefits - it is our hidden desire.
to understand.
And realize what we really do? When we are not out to achieve what seems to be desirable?
Because when we realize this, then we will have a choice and change something in your behavior! 
If you want, of course))
But for this you first have to - recognize!
that this help psychologists.
So, my dear readers, sign up for a consultation - we will understand!:)

I thank you for your attention!
And can help you to understand how you can improve your life!
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