what we talk about when we talk about the impossibility to assign to the experience? Implied some vague action that does not get called.

I Therefore propose to take a step back. Even two steps. Where ends the experience itself as such. Here we parted with, for example, a man who we are very impressed. Not in the sense of losing you forever, and ends with a very full and memorable meeting with him. Everything seems to have ended, but from that moment begins the assimilation of the experience that just happened.

This is a complex and important internal work. She very often has no external markers and therefore can be confused with the absence of the work itself. But it is not.

Associative it is easiest to compare with the process of digestion. For example, we spend a lot on thinking through menus, buying food and cooking. Then, indeed, there comes a time eating cooked. And the lunch is the most noticeable and memorable part of the whole process. Its center. And that seems to be when we get up from the table and put dirty dishes in the sink, then all is over. But no. Over only the outer phase of the action.

And the interior is just beginning. The food is in the stomach where it is broken down into components. In addition, the body must work to strengthen and activate the enzymes that will contribute to this splitting. Then, relatively speaking, is the sorting that internalized inside something remains in the body, something inferred from it.

To what remains, has become part of the body, it takes time and effort. And no less power and involvement of internal body systems need to move beyond that to leave is not worth it.

So with the psyche. So with the processing and assimilation of experience. Very important events of our lives are changing inside a lot. And these changes are never instant. A new experience can change the attitude towards some event or phenomenon. Can change the attitude. Or against all the world.

the digestion rate of the incident of experience affect its scale, the very internal ability to cope with something new (generation of those "enzymes") and the time available (often internal time), these processes were able to turn, pass and fail.

And assigning a new experience this is the result of the process of assimilation. Because there is no sacred exercises that will allow you to assign experience. You just need to give yourself time to think and feel about what happened, give yourself time to change. And not to throw away the idea that unconscious processes, just as important as conscious, despite the fact that it's invisible.

And that's when this assignment will happen. Become part of the amended "I", which will occur after a new experience.

If the assignment is not happening, then, turning to the same food metaphor, we can say that the food was tasted, but not eaten. Or eaten, but not digested. Its taste was scored the next dish, too soon and hurriedly eaten over the previous one. And then in the process of digestion difficult to separate the taste of sweetness "cupcake" to taste the sweetness of the sauce to the "meat". Because the next "eating" very difficult to navigate on previous experience, as it was not inside knowledge. And there was only an external event.

Let your life will always be enough space and time for everything important that is happening inside and outside.

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