At the dawn of humanity


Despite a huge leap in the development of mankind, scientific-technical progress, human nature has undergone little change, if only exacerbating the process of warping his world.

Constructive and destructive, the destructive principle in man is present from the moment of its occurrence. And probably the first act of human creation was associated with the assignment itself that the person did not belong. It was a picked flower or a berry or a dead animal, it was an act of survival.

Prehistoric era, despite the huge chronological range (from 35 million years ago , the first primates to the IV Millennium BC until the time of the formation of the first States), and its arbitrary, uneven, on a genetic level gave us guidance, laid the foundations of Metropolitana.

Fossil apes, which appeared in the period of the extinction of the dinosaurs, marked the beginning of a new line of life, but to reflection on and improvement was still very far away.

Actually 35 million years ago it was not yet a man, as a creature, skillfully climbing up trees, a small monkey with a brain volume considerably less than that of modern man.

Adapting to the world, man took from nature its gifts and treasures. But if you think about it, you can see it to this day, although already as the brain is different, and the social structure became more complicated.

Like an animal, despite his rank of "highly organized", the predecessor of man, led a peculiar life. The idea was focused exclusively on procreation, promiscuity, dominated exclusively biological needs.

Primitive thinking person with even limited to the brain was maintained until, until he changed the Earth's climate, accompanied by a cold.

Well, even if we assume the reasons longevity it of appropriating economy, it is appropriate to indicate that the primitive economy was based on the primitive economy, the very slow development of all elements of human life, by definition, many researchers primitive age, largely due to "the generosity and wealth of nature."
Evolution and improvement of apes were protracted in nature. It was the most important thing in the lives of these creatures the satisfaction of gastric and quite another animal needs, far from the norms of ethics and morality.
climate change towards cooling humanoid creatures our ancestors experienced a visible impulse, acute stress. That, in General, correlated with the reasoning of many thinkers about the need for a push from the outside for revitalization and launch of potential resources.
And what is the strength of the pulse, if the evolution of primates before the appearance of Homo Sapiens millions of years, and glaciation of the Earth, when it launched a qualitatively new process of thinking that is associated with the search for security and increased socialization, human development began to accelerate.
Neolithic revolution became the first largest in the public mind of all humanity with the event that led to human civilization. It was the transition from foraging to food producing households. And this meant major changes in all levels of human interaction with itself and with the world. Appeared agriculture, marked private property, laid the foundations of statehood and social inequality.

the Principle of "equal in poverty", reflecting the basis of the primitive consciousness, with the onset of the Neolithic revolution is losing its relevance, opening the way to individuality and self-sufficiency.

the Infancy of mankind, as does the question of the origin of life on Earth is fraught with many mysteries and questions that to a certain extent, help us, contemporary people in search of answers to their questions..

Arkhangelsk Nadezhda
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