continuing the theme of small but important changes in the process of therapy.

the Curious paradox is that, accepting myself as I am, I get the opportunity to change themselves. Carl Rogers

Personal experience

my psychologist worked purposefully over how I treat myself, to your look. But during therapy, and my image has changed very much, I think, for the better, and, even more important, change the attitude.

Before therapy, I was in a chronic state of dissatisfaction - of the figure and face shape, to the style in which I was thrown from one extreme to another: that ultra-masculine, Gothic lace, sports, folk. I didn't like my reflection in the mirror, didn't like how I look in photos. Didn't like anything in the stores - these things seem vulgar, these clothes seem to be too bright, these clothes stitched on some very slender girls. Every time you had to buy something, it was a sad choice just the lesser of two evils.

About a year after the start of therapy, when in other areas of life began significant changes, has changed imperceptibly and the attitude to appearance. I'm starting to like how I look. Like the reflection in the mirror, like photography, I no longer turn away or tense when someone was taking pictures in the General companies, I even began to do a selfie, why not.

changes were also taking place and external changes. As if from a good attitude, from attention, I started to understand better what works for me. Slightly changed shape with the way I started eating better, suddenly I decided to take a short cut. Quietly changed the style of dress, more suitable for me current.

I began to like to buy clothes. When I go to the clothing store, I notice - generally there are so many cool things! And this, and this :) You know the range of shops has not changed, but I began to notice more and to be more open. All of a sudden as if painted other colors more warm and pleasant.

Customer experience

And I see how often something similar happens with my clients - as people better understand themselves and begin to relate to yourself with understanding, attention, acceptance. From this perspective, a greater love of themselves, do not want to feed the body with harmful products. From this position do not neglect yourself and see what suits you, that expresses you best.

And come external changes - but they are secondary. br>the First step is acceptance, and is followed by a change.

did you Ever have similar discoveries about yourself? If this happens often with clients?

Anna Kolontaevskaya
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