Dear friends! I want to share with you a great technique of "mood" which I recorded on the basis of the methodology of Professor George N. Sytin

This technique is called "SOMAS" - verbal-shaped emotional-volitional control of the human condition. Its goal is the elimination of diseases and improvement and rejuvenation of the body.

Moods Sytina techniques contribute to the creation of positive thinking and the emergence of positive emotions, the activation of life, the feeling of youth and vigor.

According to SOAS, the word can mobilize the will and the emotions of a person, direct them to growth, health, disease prevention, the extension of youth.

Professor Sytin analyzed the many ancient spells and prayers to create their moods. Its language is simple and pleasant in content, suppress doubt and is able to generate nerve impulses that carry positive information in the cells of the body.

the Most effective application of this set:

  • listening;
  • recitation from memory;
  • reading;
  • rewriting.

the Mood for rejuvenation, strengthens man's faith in the divine power within himself, the giver of longevity and beauty, strengthens will power and support the desire to change. Thanks to the mental attitude supported by a minimum of effort, you can achieve significant results transformation.

shows the scientific and life experience, enabling the subconscious mind with a positive attitude, any person, regardless of gender and age can significantly affect your body, health and quality of life. Personal experience of Professor G. N. Sytin is the best proof.

always Be young and beautiful!



Stability in life.

I am preparing for a fun, energetic, young life. And now, 30 years later, and 100 years. I tune in daily, vigorous, interesting work. And now, 30 years later, and 100 years. I tune in to the ongoing development of all my abilities. And now, 30 years later, and 100 years. All long, happy, active, young life ahead of me.

Man, inspired by the idea of longevity, superior to its power all the elements of nature, all-powerful fate, and can do every day to increase the duration of his future life by developing the attitude for many years of young life, and live a cheerful, energetic, young lives on through many generations of their descendants.

All the change in my body occurred after the age of twenty forever leave my body in the space of the universe. I come into full compliance with the young twenty years of age, keeping their knowledge and life experience. My whole body is completely renewed, is born young, in their twenties.

I'm born vigorously growing, healthy enduring beauty. The freshness of youth born in my face, his face filled with a smooth pink color. Bright red color filled my lips. Monolithic maiden castle flowing into my face. All the young, smooth, strong. The whites of my eyes quickly brighten the whites of my eyes are born white as snow under the bright - bright sun.

I distinctly feel healthy and stronger. In my mind, all my nerves joins healthy steel fortress. Steel fortress is poured into my psyche, into all my nerves. Every passing day prolongs my future life. I live by the law - "the older - the younger".

gulova Anna
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