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have you Seen from the side, how to communicate with children? a Lot of kids when they are in the group. Someone is actively starting conversations and meeting new friends, shows his toys, says that he bought his parents and how he had a great weekend at the amusement Park! At this time, another child stands apart and doesn't even know how he could also fit into this movement?

And here's another example: when the teacher/leader says that we need to do the dance number. Some children begin at once to shout: "I!.." At that time, as other children prefer to stay in the side, although I'm good at dancing. And, most importantly, the rare teacher will consider the talents of the shy and quiet kids, because there is no time better to cooperate with those who are and asks.

I was not a regular counselor, I was a psychologist-counselor. I've been watching children and their behavior. Identified shy, but very talented girls and she inadvertently sets them from the crowd hands, offering to participate. Oh, how happy they were, it seems that they were waiting for it! I must say that with the job and the staging of the numbers they did no worse than those who are initially active.

That's all I need? With older people is all exactly the same! Some staged a "big party": exchange services; barter; actively declare their abilities/skills/education; support business each other, speaking the first buyers and ostavlyaya first positive feedback; meet new people and agree on cooperation. While other people, equally talented, I must say, left out and unable to "join the movement".

When it comes to big money, you need to check: has not outgrown your sweetheart children's shyness, this specific, adult social anxiety? If so, it is quite a serious block, which will close many roads, does not allow to realize itself, and to earn as much money as you could.

New korecki: "Where did the money come from?" there are a lot of information on all sorts of topics like money, interesting tasks, and even have psychological tests (with a lot of care chosen by me) on the definition you have those or other qualities. The tests you pass, and then we will discuss your results. To 12 November, the course is available at a promotional price you will like.

  • Format: text + video;
  • Level: advanced;
  • Access: 1.5 months (you can renew).
  • Audit assignments and the feedback field in each block;
  • 5 pieces of information, lessons 17, 22 task 4 psychological test;

And you can easily establish friendships? Was shy or an outdoor kid? I was very shy and I largely prevented. Had to recognize it and work.

Your psychologist Alena :)

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Alena Vladimirovna
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