Autumn challenge


In recent years, has become very popular challenge. Literally in English is a challenge. Russian analog- "take on the weak".

Formulated a task that should be performed by the participants of the challenge. The tasks simulate real life. Reality itself may be in the form of a game be the subject of the challenge.

YouTube, for example, are dancing around a moving vehicle under certain melody. Dance need to remove the camera or phone and upload to the network. Or members are given any other task, in accordance with the theme of the game. Binding.

you Can set a challenge for the notebook challenge of the month, any other themed quest. Examples of such tasks are shown in the pictures.

let us Try to understand why these games have become so popular in the global network. In my opinion, people just don't have voluminous, full-fledged, three-dimensional communication. Simple likes, comments and chat are like flat. This information is two-dimensional and does not transfer it promises communication.

People want to feel the living presence of friends and followers. Or spotlight yourself on some real live action, which include the brain and feelings.

These simulation games become a challenge to myself. Stir amorphous staying online to receive a charge of emotions, new experience.

Such activities are a good alternative to questionable Dating sites. The people in the form of a game can get the opportunity to meet and get to know each other better, build relationships.

And if you move challenge in daily life, it can be useful for staging purposes. For example, keep a diary, to explore any phenomenon.

there is an idea that early challenge called for a simple plan. But if it's more interesting, more mysterious, if that motivates you - why not?

Just not on the Internet or in life, it is not necessary to excessively overload your challenge tasks or to set unrealistic goals.

It's still a game. It is liberating, passionate, happy, finally. I want here to promote your fall challenge. Why not?

Anzhelika Bogdanov
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