Autumn depression. br>
Debuts and acute mental disorders are often associated with the change of time of year. A particularly dangerous period is the autumn. Almost everyone is faced with the expression – autumn depression. br>
Briefly get acquainted with the grounds on which You will be able to recognize this disorder. br>
a Characteristic feature of this disorder is that the symptoms are always manifested through the body. Suffer the basic body functions, sleep, appetite, libido, activity. Violations of bodily functioning occur against the background of painful thoughts, painful feelings and severe fatigue up to apathy. br>
Thus we have the triad of bodily suffering and the mental triad. Take a closer look. br>
1. Sleep disorders. They can be in the direction of "plus" and "minus". People either constantly feels drowsy and falls asleep during the day, even after 12 hours of sleep, a drowsy state pursues constantly. The other extreme – insomnia, frequent waking up, nightmares, feelings of fatigue after sleep. br>
2. Eating disorders, which are characterized by extremes. Some patients continuously chew and overweight, others refuse to eat and literally starve themselves. br>
3. Change "libido", as you already know as well or tends to zero and lost all desire, or the patient is chaotically random, pointless starts to behave nastorozhenno. Committing acts that are not inherent and are a threat to couple relationships, and even life. br>
the Second triad is manifested on the mental level. br>
1. Severe fatigue, no energy for minimal effort. The state of apathy may be replaced by bouts of unwarranted aggression and extreme for the individual actions. br>
2. Painful thoughts, coloring all the events and the actual person in a negative tone, up to suicidal. br>
3. Guilt, resentment and sadness, which are based on thoughts and not on real events. br>
As it is in the fall? What does the autumn? br>
Any depression is caused when the supports of the psyche rendered on the outside.Person relies not on ourselves but on someone or something else. This can be a loved one, even a pet, work, expectations. If the external factor of personal power disappears, crumbling body and psyche. In our climate the summer is a pleasure that a person receives without effort. Just bright, beautiful, warm, pleasant smells. So much energy around that person gets it. To keep warm in the fall, you need to move, the summer heat is obtained without action. Increasing activity that is enhanced by the fun, you can swim, ride a bike, rollerblading, picnics. A typical example of our gardeners. In the summer there are classes and there is no reason to go to the clinic. Autumn causes spikes in visits to the doctor. br>
Biological mechanism is also present. Sunlight enables the production of the happy hormone serotonin, reduction of daylight reduces the amount. Autumn somatic disease is strange in nature. The logic of the ideas about the immune system, the body fall is in peak form. Despite this all together begin to sneeze and cough. This is the reason depression. br>
What to do? br>
again briefly deal with the symptoms of: low energy level, lack of action is pleasurable, painful feelings are based on depressing thoughts. br>
Now the tools to overcome the problem. br>
we must Act at the first sign. br>
1. To motivate ourselves to do things. Learn to be active indoors when the weather is not favourable. Have fun at home, cleaned up, dance, call friends, go to the gym. Necessarily the movement. br>
2. Have fun comprehensive: physical, spiritual, and mental. Go for a massage, the pool, cafe, volonterstva, visit temple, art gallery, go to a concert, to the theatre, start to learn new things, what had long dreamed of. Visit the cooking classes, public speaking skills, go to training. br>
3. And the last one: control your thoughts, choose to think about it. Get real emotions from real actions and interactions with people. br>
If the depth of the disorder and you can not make these simple but very effective actions, ask for help, to a therapist or a psychiatrist. Even against the background of medication, psychological help is needed. Only personal therapy will allow You to rely on their personality and not on external factors. The only way You will never face depression.

Valentina Morozova
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