With the onset of autumn in the psychological status changes. “the Sad time! eyes charm!.." wrote Pushkin. True: the gloom is coming. Fall — it's romance: a warm, muted colors, cozy sweaters, hot drinks, falling leaves and rain drops on the glass. Everything that happens in nature – the background, which become more noticeable feelings, mood, thoughts.

let's try an experiment: look at 2 pictures depicting autumn. How to change your feelings?

the Sun transforms the nature and mood, while gloomy weather evokes loneliness, apathy. The demand for heat is not only physical, but psychological. There is a desire to share with someone in fall walk, a Cup of tea and intimate conversations. When the background of overcast clouds, rain, puddles and mediocrity, the psyche is configured to “the same wave». In the thoughts appears: “alone you are well, warm and cozy?”, “but there is a person that so?”, “and I do not like weather that you have in your life”? It turns out that “the brain thinks about what he sees”.

People feel on the skin, that means the expression: “the autumn Blues" (or depression). How to recognize it:

1) apathy, sadness, decreased interest in activities;

2) decreased performance, high fatigue;

3) withdrawal from communication, the desire for solitude, irritability, indifference to what is happening around;

4) problems with sleep and appetite(refusal/overeating);

5) soul-searching: the low self-esteem, feeling of insecurity, reflection on relationships with others.

   Depression is not only autumn, but also health (F32 according to ICD-10). Sometimes depression is a concomitant symptom of some mental disorder. Autumn depression goes away when weather improves, after a walk, their favorite business or casual Affairs. Depression, with the psychiatrist, it's more stable and serious condition. In this case, the person has reduced ability to rejoice, to enjoy, to wonder, to concentrate, the pathological fatigue, feeling of worthlessness, a depressed mood, which not does not depend on any factors and it varies from day to day, intermittent, and short sleep, loss of sensations, pleasurable, increased depression in the morning, psychomotor retardation, anxiety. In this case, the desired pharmacological support of the body.

With autumn depression can be managed independently.

  1. Compensate the lack of light and sun, including light bulbs, lamps.
  2. dress Warmly and drink hot drinks. Create a cosy atmosphere of home, take a soft, warm things. Rearrange that she was new to the eye.
  3. Listen to different music. Adjusting to the weather, can be permanently stuck in a sad or nostalgic mood. Music sets the tone for the emotions, so switching the music you flip yourself.
  4. Eat more vitamins. Viruses love the cold and moisture, so be on the side of your body – make the diet varied and rich in vitamins. Autumn requires more energy to warm up, so to lose weight is not the time. In addition, many foods are natural antidepressants because affect the production of hormones of joy: chocolate, nuts, red and orange fruits and vegetables.
  5. Walk in nature. Enjoy the fall colors, while the foliage is still very much breathe the fresh air. When nature will become gloomy, add to your wardrobe with bright accessories – an umbrella, a scarf, gloves, bag, etc. We enjoy even when you look at a single color or palette. The thrill of colour and beneficial effect on mood and brain function. For creative people the time to get out the brushes and paint.
  6. Communicate. Rain – is not a barrier to meeting friends. Buy fun Board game, in which you can play, wrapped up the blanket at home. Try a new cookie recipe, invite friends for tea. Do not allow yourself for a long time to hide the ‘in itself as the shell”.
  7. If you go to the Mall in cloudy weather, everything gray, cold and unpleasant, remember and imagine how looked the alley spring, summer, sunlight? Make “background” others: brighter, warmer. Late autumn is a lot of emptiness: no leaves, no grass, etc. Fill that void, remembering another season or weather.
  8. Enjoy a hobby. Drawing, painting, weaving, sculpture, carving, photo-video installation, embroidery, knitting, designing, cooking, and maybe writing poems, journaling, sports. Something for everyone will remove the accumulated tension.
  9. Closet. The summer passed, we must accept and get things warmer Open the cupboard and remember what things this fall will create your image? The morning starts with clothing that creates a mood for you and your environment. As you want to look this fall? Think about which outfits you look great? If things are tired and do not like, arrange shopping and buy something to wear, it will be a pleasure to wear.

  10. Pets. The need for love and it is expressed – the second in the series of basic human needs. If you haven't met your other half, and meanwhile you are filled with love or lust, get a pet who will give your love and will receive it in return.

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